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We are happy to share that for Second Consecutive year  Club7 Holidays  has been awarded the ‘Best MICE Operator – WEST  at the Annual India Travel Awards   held at the Novotel Hotel in Pune on Friday, August 05 2016.   Mr. Pandurang Tawde , Hon. Minister for Agri Tourism Government of India was the Chief Guest at the ceremony and handed over the accolade jointly to Mr. Rajesh Bist – Vice President  and Mr Dinesh

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6 Best Budget International Trips From India Under 50k

by theholidayaderviser @ International Tour Packages | Holiday Trips

Enjoy your vacation is cheapest price possible. You can visit some exotic places worldwide by paying only 50000 Indian currencies. 1. Phi Phi Islands – Thailand Phi Phi island in Thailand is one of the most famous place when it comes to visit places in cheap rates. You can get to the island on the boat, and can witness the sea like a daunting fortress. Here you can get Towering cliffs on a beach-fronted jungle where you can enjoy the evenings. For many travels visiting Phi Phi Island is the only reason to stop by Phuket. You will get nice and cozy cottage resort in reasonable price.   2.South – Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is quite a famous place among travels; people visit this place to taste some delicious seafood. In recent times Sri Lanka has grown as an international tourist destination. If you enjoy your trip in affordable rates, then rent a car from Colombo and head off to the south via western coastline. When you are in South Sri Lanka then Hikkaduwa and Bentota are must see destination. You can visit the national park here.   3. Malacca – Malaysia Malaysia is a beautiful holiday destination, but when you are in Malaysia, you must not miss the color and character of Malacca. When you roam around this place you can’t keep your camera down for a minute. You will see the Portuguese influence on churches and buildings on this land. The top tourist attraction is Jonker Street in Chinatown, where you will feel as you are in 70s movies. You can shop for antiques and clothes and enjoy eating out at roadside café. 4. Cambodia Cambodia is a place where you can appreciate art and culture, this place is full of magic, and you will enjoy the mysterious kingdom and unfold about its history. When you are in Cambodia, you must visit Angkor Wat, here you will get a wondrous fusion of spirituality, and enjoy the supreme symmetrical architecture. Before you embark your trip get information about the country and its history. 5. Batam Island – Singapore Batam Island in Singapore is famous for a lot of things, this place has a number of beautiful Indonesian islands, and you can enjoy these islands by ferry ride. If you can’t visit all the islands, then Batam the tropical island is one the best and it takes 30 minute ferry ride. Here you will get to enjoy brilliant water sports and spa packages in affordable price range.   6 Bhuttan Bhutan is the great Himalayan kingdom that has many things to offer. It is unique in its own way where rice is red, chilies are complete dish, and smoking cigarettes are illegal. People from any country except Indians have to pay $200 to stay in Bhutan. The landing of flight is very adventures because the pilot will land the plane between an intimidating set of mountains.

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What To Expect From Trek Sapa Tour Within 2 Days?

by Cuong Nguyen @ Travel Sense Asia

As an old French Hill station in the past, Sapa is now a beautiful and peaceful town in Lao Cai Province, Northwest Vietnam. Close to the Chinese border, the town has its name reputable for its unique weather, breathtaking natural beauty, and the wide variety of hill-tribes locals (Red Dao, Tay, Hmong, Xa Pho, and […]

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Most Popular Activities During Mauritius Honeymoon Tour

by theholidayaderviser @ International Tour Packages | Holiday Trips

Mauritius Extreme Activities Get ready for up to sixty seconds of free-fall as your cycle jump master throws you out of a plane, plummeting towards the bottom before jump gently into the land with our cycle parachuting. Nada lines at Vallée des Couleurs square measure designed to begin low and slow and bit by bit build your confidence because it gets more and longer, higher and quicker. Founder the mountain with the longest nada line within the Indian Ocean concerning 1.5km. Double the dirt, double the fun with the Mud Karting. it is the chance to fancy the fun of the machine and obtain down and dirty with this off road circuit track at Casela Park. Sports fans, be able to strive against the challenges of Mountain biking. With a pair of tracks to settle on from, you may expertise Mauritius’ best mountain biking piece of ground. Feel the liberty and contemporary air as your trail-blaze spherical a number of the country’s best cross-country trails with the vasoconstrictive Rush Ride, designed for those probing for excitement and a challenge. Jumping off rocks, swimming through currents and slippery  down the watercourse, our watercourse Trek journey is really a sport like no different. If you wish to undertake the last word fun water-sport, the one hour or 1/2 day ocean Hover journey is your excellent alternative. Nature & Adventure Activities Here you may notice several distinctive activities to boost your vacation with some action whereas respecting nature. Starting from hiking at sanctuaries like Ile D’Ambre to the a lot of incautious, action-packed visits together with Via Ferrata circuit, mountain biking, watercourse trekking, Canyoning, nodal lines and plenty of a lot of. Be it at Ile D’Ambre, LE Morne Brabant, Chamarel, Yemen Natural Reserve or Mamzel Zabeth mountain, you’re absolute to have an excellent nature discovery expertise. The beautiful panorama read of the character reserves, lagoons and even of the coast can, no doubt, leave you breathless. Moreover, if you decide for activities at the Yemen Natural Reserve (part of Casela World Adventure), then picket ladders, Nepalese bridges, knotted-ropes and ziplines ar what you ought to expect. Overnight Theme Packages From ancient Yachts to the foremost luxurious absolutely air conditioned lagune five hundred sailboats and also the elegant Royal Sunseeker Manhattan, you’ll get to get Mauritius from the ocean like ne’er before. Discover new remote destinations, lagoons, remote islands and places solely few folks have visited. All these visits have a transparent focus for providing the perfect of long expertise stumped. All you have got to try to  relax on deck and soak up the views, and follow it all with contemporary and fabulous cooking matched with the best brewad and wine. Then let yourself be gently lulled to sleep in your personal cabin. Our long cruises embody diving and fishing visits to the simplest “multi-fishing” destinations like St. Brandon, Soudan Bank, Rodrigues et al.. For unequaled relaxation altogether privacy and luxury in Mauritius, we have a tendency to suggest lovebirds longer occupy the Bubble Lodge at Domaine DE Bois Chéri that faces a natural lake. Our long packages are a unit fastidiously handpicked, therefore any long expertise you’d opt for, you’re guaranteed to produce unforgettable  reminiscences to require back home. Quad Activities & 4×4 For your convenience, we’ve return up with a variety of quad biking activities and 4×4 cross-country drives! Expertise the adrenaline rush, savour the verdure and wide  views of the multiple sites and cherish the wonder of the island aboard your quad, buggy or cart. Wait, no longer! Treat yourself with any of those superb activities within the company of your family, friends, colleagues or partners! These activities square measures even out there for teenagers, thus you’ll stay assured that your kid won’t be not noted. The Quad and 4×4 activities square measure offered in numerous locations across the country: Casela World of Adventures, Asian country Natural Reserve, Frederica Nature Reserve and lots of additional. Breathe in the recent county air. Fancy the spectacular panorama, auto-chthonal forests, bountiful valleys, sparkling rivers, stags, endemic birds and large Cats. Discover nature at its best. We have a tendency to promise that you simply will not be thwarted. Mauritius Catamaran Sailing Cruises For the convenience of our shoppers, we provide an oversized choice of day cruises to many destinations, with few totally different departure points. Within the North, the selection is between Gabriel Island and Flat Island. You’ll additionally see dolphins through one amongst our cruises on the geographical region or value more highly to cruise on the geographic area, visiting the illustrious Ile aux Cerfs Island. For the romantic inside, we provide sunset and dinner cruises; each on shared and personal basis. Upon request, we have a tendency to do additionally cater for exclusive cruises to remote islands destinations and tailor created long cruises. From budget to prime luxury, you’re absolute to notice the best cruise expertise as per your likings, preferences and budget. Mauritius Swimming with Dolphins Immerse yourself within the journey of a period of time swimming with dolphins, observe them from on-board one in all our luxuries cruising vessels or observant the whales within the open ocean. We do supply an oversized choice of visits to the geographical region of Mauritius to ascertain each dolphin and whales coming back face to face with these exceptional marine mammals. All the visits area unit done underneath the superintendence of execs whereas respecting these splendid marine mammals, their atmosphere and their daily living habits. Make sure to fancy one in all these should DO visits throughout your vacation associate degrees have a haunting expertise. The list of visits offered includes: 2.5 hours dolphins swimming expertise, a full day dolphins trip together with the visit to Benitiers Island and Crystal rock, dolphin swimming campaign day package, dolphins and whales combined trip and lots of a lot of. For the convenience of our purchasers we have a tendency to do supply all the visits each on shared basis and exclusive-private basis, as per […]

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How to get the awesome places to visit in North Vietnam

by Cuong Nguyen @ Travel Sense Asia

Welcome to Northern Vietnam, we are confident to give you the best trip when coming here. You have just spent 3 days to experience in the famous destinations in Hanoi and Sapa. The north of Vietnam is so great because it offers wonderful opportunities to meet the strange folk in the peak of mountains as […]

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Where to Stay in Sapa Vietnam?

by Cuong Nguyen @ Travel Sense Asia

Before visiting Sapa, you should find where to stay in Sapa, Vietnam in order to choose the best accommodation for your trip. There are some types of accommodations in Sapa like Hotel, Resort, homestay, so it is easy to match your demand. Sapa is the small town in North Vietnam. In 1922, the French settled […]

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Top Luxurious Destinations for Spain Family Holiday

by theholidayaderviser @ International Tour Packages | Holiday Trips

Spain- the country which mesmerizes the apple with its accomplished and appreciative sportsmen be it in the acreage of tennis area Rafael Nadal wins millions of hearts with his aback volleys; or be it Football area the apple cup seems to accept fabricated Spain its new home. Now you are charging not is a football lover to adulation the country which wins the apple cup football so terrifically. But is it alone about sports in Spain? Let us yield an attending at addition above aspect of Spanish life- celebrations. It is an old saying- “If you are in Spain- you accept to accept audacity to adore over the limit!” Best Spain Family Holiday Trips Each chat of that band is true. An austere gut and adulation for chance is bare to let you be afraid with the consciousness-expanding festivals of Spain which do not assume to end anytime throughout the year. Spain is a country of humans who are adventurous and crazy. The rich, able cultural history and the festivals which accept been allotment of the Spanish ability aback ages accomplish the country a dream abode for humans who adulation to bless and go wild. Located geographically at the alliance of North Africa and southern Europe- this abode has absolutely got the best of both continents. The breeding and adorableness of Europe accumulated with the raw animality and the artlessness of Africa- makes Spain the adorableness at the bank of the Mediterranean sea as able-bodied as the Atlantic sea. The area absolutely makes it an amphibian country with sea getting a basic allotment of their activity and culture. We see the abstraction and yet audible actuality and access of abounding ethnicities and religions and its active ability like- La Tomatina, Tamborrada De San Sebastian, La Endiablada and Fallas de San Jose. All these cultural groups accomplish Spain, a country with colors abounding in all locations of their life.Top Best International Holiday Destinations in Spain for Families. Whenever you see an advertisement of Spain, it is usually of some chance sports or anniversary which promised to accord you the craziest moments of your life. For every aboriginal time visitor- the country of Spain is declared best in the images of sangria, sombreros and bullfights. There is annihilation amiss is that view. For even a Spanish being will proudly say how abundant, they adulation to bless activity in the wildest way possible. Well, the a lot of able-bodied heard of anniversary of Spain is absolutely the La-Tomatina Amazon fight. This is assuredly the world’s biggest aliment action which will deluge you in the abstract of carelessness and fun abounding tomatoes. Every year the Valencia arena of Spain prepares itself for this crazy feat. Cometh the endure Wednesday of August and the city-limits of Bunol are all set for this attenuate accident for which humans accumulate from all over the world. About 3000 humans get to the streets crushing about 240,000 pounds of raw amazon and throwing them at anniversary added till they can. The ritual that sets off the accident is aswell a different one and goes aback by several hundred years in its origin. It is alleged, ‘ham on the stick’. The accustomed convenience is that a home is placed on a stick, and an antagonism is captivated in which humans accept to get the ham down from the stick. Once the humans get the smoked ham leg down from the stick, it is cut down. While acid the harm humans yield up eye aegis and cry for tomatoes. Hearing their demands trucks of tomatoes accumulation them on the streets for the humans to flavor them by throwing an anniversary other. The accident is accessible for all, and continues till an individual section of amazon stays as accomplished on the street. This absolutely represents the rawest anatomy of fun and alliance as humans overlook any amusing analysis and get with anniversary added on the artery adulatory humanity. The next anniversary for which Spain is accustomed common is the balderdash fight. The balderdash action is acquired from an aloof bold of horse angry and is advised appropriately aloof in Spain. Historically, balderdash angry is an aloof game. Balderdash angry, usually starts with an adversary accessible to yield ascendancy over an affronted bull. The balderdash is aboriginal let into the accessible ring. The abettor of the arch balderdash fighter checks the affection and enrages him with the ablaze chicken and an amethyst black flag. These colors are abundant admired in the ability of Spain and are by itself the civic colors of the country represented on their banderole too. Afterwards the abettor checks the affection of the, the arch fighter, alleged the Matador, is accessible to yield over the balderdash with his adversaries. Then a trumpet is articulate and the matador with his allowance fighters the Picadores attacks the balderdash with spears. This takes abode for about 10 accounts afterwards, which the matador takes over the balderdash with his final attempt. An added ambiguous accessible anatomy of this balderdash anniversary is aswell accustomed in Spain- The balderdash running. Every year from in the ages of July, the additional anniversary is distinctively apparent for these runs. From 7th to 14th July, humans army up in the city-limits of Pamplona to account the Saint San Fermin, who was Navarre’s capital’s angel saint several centuries ago. Balderdash active accident and guests are captivated all about the year in Spain. In fact, over 3000 such contests are captivated all through the year; but the annihilation catches the action of this week. The amazing anniversary starts at the day breach of July 7, if runners accumulate at the basal of Santo Domingo, which is the able-bodied accustomed starting band for the race. Celebrations and offerings are fabricated to the angel of San Domingo placed on the bank abreast the starting point over the chase begins. Well, you may anticipate Spain is all about runs and fights and heroes and gladiators. But that is not the scenario. Spain has […]

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Vietnam Tour Package

Vietnam Tour Package

Trip Factory

Vietnam's colour, chaos and natural beauty bring a new adventure every day. Feel your senses come alive as you walk Hanoi's crazy streets, visit the ...

About Sunita

by roambabyroam @ Roam Baby Roam

MEET SUNITHA DUGAR – A SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR Founder of Roam Baby Roam Sunitha Dugar is A Serial Entrepreneur, A MAVERICK, A PATH BREAKER. SHE BELIEVES that …if you put your heart and mind to something, willing to work hard and are persistent, there is nothing that you cannot achieve. Interests: Photography, trekking, self-driven road trips, […]

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How to get Vietnam tour packages from India?

How to get Vietnam tour packages from India?

Travel Sense Asia

Vietnam tour packages from India bring the experiences of a country filled with the captivating natural beauty and tranquil village life. The cuisines are fresh, fragrant and flavorsome; the local people are friendly, kindly and welcoming. 


by theholidayaderviser @ International Tour Packages | Holiday Trips

Cambodia Indians can obtain a Visa on Arrival for Cambodia, for a maximum stay of 30 days, by paying a fee of US$ 20. You must have a passport photo, sufficient funds to cover your stay in Cambodia, and travel documents like a completed visa application form and confirmed flight tickets. Also, make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival. Indonesia All it takes is US$ 25 for Indians to get a Visa on Arrival for Indonesia, for a maximum stay of 30 days! You must show evidence of sufficient funds to cover your stay in Indonesia, in addition to carrying confirmed flight tickets for the return or onward destination. Ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Indonesia. Mauritius :   Indians can get Visa on Arrival for a maximum stay of 60 days, provided they hold a confirmed booking for accommodation in Mauritius, a sponsorship letter, a confirmed booking for return flight and sufficient funds for expenses during their stay (minimum of USD 100 per day).

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Are you planning a trip to Bali? You must read this!

by theholidayaderviser @ International Tour Packages | Holiday Trips

Bali in Indonesia is one of South East Asia’s Top rated holiday destinations for travelers. In this region the most popular honeymoon and holiday packages are destined to Bali. If you are a couple planning your honeymoon or would love your kid or friends to go on a holiday with you to a place that has lovely weather, clear blue skies, warm beach and blue sea buzzing with fun sports – Bali is the obvious destination. There are numerous other beaches in Asia that could offer this experience, yet Bali is chosen from an array of reasons. Bali is a beautiful tropical destination that offers not just a few sightseeing experiences. Even for 6 days and 5 nights one still has so much to explore and see. That’s the reason Bali is always a destination you depart with a promise to yourself to come back again. It has something to offer each and every time! Reasons you Select Bali as your holiday destination: Bali is a tiny section of Indonesia and often called the ‘Island of Peace’ or the ‘Island of Gods’. Some even call it “The Morning of the World.” At you can find affordable deals to visit the wonderful attractions. It is a place of natural wonders and features some magnificent beaches known worldwide. The lush tropical forests and beautiful waterfalls are worth a visit with home to world’s rarest creatures like Sunda Pangolin and Bali myna. Its ancient temples, the architecture, stone carving and historical significance cannot be ignored the moment you step on this ancient island. The sacred places date back to thousands of years miraculously and you will wonder how have they withstood the tests of time. Take a dip in the Purifying pool or pray at the Tirta Empul temple to cleanse your mind body and soul. Other famous and sacred spots worth visiting are the Mother Temple of Besakih and the Tanah Lot a temple of the seaside. If you are a history buff, you will marvel at the museums to ogle at the priceless historical artifacts inside the Museum Neka. The Agung Museum of Art showcases elaborate sculptures and detailed paintings. Don’t forget to get hold of a street map after checking in your hotel or resort. Check Flight Options: There are multiple flight options when it comes to Bali. It is best to book your packages 3-4 months in advance to get good prices. Airline option is Singapore Airlines (via Singapore), Thai Airlines (via Bangkok) , Malaysian Airlines (via Kuala Lumpur). Normally transit visa is not required. Accommodation: The areas where the Bali tourists stay usually are Seminyak, Ubud, Nusa Dua or Kuta. Seminyak:  Is an area with beach resorts that are up market. The beaches here are not crowded and offer great nightlife with upscale dining option. Local cuisines are a must try if you are able to reach the eateries in time fighting the heavy buzzing traffic being the only hurdle in this area. Ubud: Is Bali’s most famous beach area and is buzzing with activity irrespective of the season or month of the year. A perfect way to experience the Balinese culture, historical and artistic places. You will surely be stupefied with the stunning luxury resorts and villa’s dotted on the side of the rice plantation and river valley as a stark contrast to the beach on the other side. Nusa Dua: Is essentially a resort enclave with 5 star property in the Southern tip of the island. If you are on your honeymoon or have received your promotion recently and don’t mind spending extra bucks this is the place to be. The resorts provide private access to the beaches. The area is maintained by ITDC a gated community with a high sense of security all hours of the day and night. The highlights being the Legian beach, Sanur, Jimbaran Denpansar and Tanjung Beach. Visa: Yes, since 11th November 2015 you do not need a Visa if traveling as a tourist. If you hold a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and a return ticket or through ticket you will get through immigration. Forex: Yes, forex is definitely required in Bali on arrival. A word of caution: exchange the Indian currency into USD and then exchange them at Bali airport into Indonesian Rupiah. The exchange rate directly from Indian Rupees is very high. Taxi: Since you have booked our Bali Tour Packages, Bali Holiday Packages or Bali Honeymoon Packages you will not go through the effort of having to book a Taxi. Yet it is good to know that Taxis in Bali are in plenty. Basic taxi fare starts from RP 7,000 to RP 10,000 per kilometer. UBER facility is also easily available. Most hotels provide a pickup and drop to and from the airport. So what are you waiting for? Book exclusive Bali holiday packages and Bali honeymoon packages with us at TheHolidayAdviser and you will want to go to Bali again and again!

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Wonderful family trip to Vietnam

by Cuong Nguyen @ Travel Sense Asia

It is likely that building a strong family bond and exploring new lands will be two of the most popular resolutions in 2018, as strengthening the family relationship and discovering new cultures will significantly change the life of each person. So, obviously, a wonderful family trip to Vietnam will be a stone killing two birds […]

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4 Places to visit in Kumarakom on your next trip

by 100 Percent Travels @ 100 Percent Travel

Explore Places to Visit in Kumarakom

Kumarakom looks to be too tiny a village to be as popular a tourist destination as it is.

 » Read more about: 4 Places to visit in Kumarakom on your next trip  »

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Main Tourist Attractions in Dubai

by theholidayaderviser @ International Tour Packages | Holiday Trips

The world goes to Dubai to shop, but if you feel that Dubai means only shopping it’s time to refresh your list of reasons to visit the city. This vacation season Dubai Holiday Packages are flying off the shelf like no other, because there is so much to do and see in Dubai that makes it a dream destination to visit. Today it is the most visited city in the UAE, and one of the leading global tourist destinations in the world. Not only that, the Dubai honeymoon Packages too are the best seller with us as the city is known for toppling world records and stereotypes. It has some of the world’s best beaches and marina’s like the Jumeirah Palm beach, the world’s tallest architecture in the Burj Khalifa, the world’s best shopping in its Souks and now a new Danish-designed Opera house all of which take you through romantic wonderland together. Top things to do in Dubai: THE BURJ KHALIFA You can´t miss the tallest structure on the planet. A must visit is the observation deck on the 134th floor with stunning views, Also the best time to take pictures is during sunset for those on a  honeymoon. Palm Jumeirah and Beach Palm Jumeirah, is the world largest man-made island, it looks like a stylised palm tree from above, Linked to the Dubai Marina, this beach is the number one beach destination for Dubai visitors. A must for water sports enthusiast. Dubai Mall The Dubai Mall, the largest shopping centre in the world with more than 1,000 stores and a giant Aquarium with an underwater zoo.If you love to luxury shopping so Dubai is perfect place for you. you will find retail heaven takes the shape of The urban centre Mall. Settled at the foot of the Burj Khalifa and stretching across 1 million sq/m, it’s the world’s largest searching, amusement, and leisuren destination. You’ll support over one, 200 shops, from Armani to Zara, or visit the urban centre fish tank, children’s theme parks and also the urban centre ice-skating rink. Whether or not its books, natural philosophy, candy or high style you are when, Dubai Mall most likely has it. For high fashion, look at Fashion Avenue, wherever you’ll sift through the most recent collections from high designers like Frank Stella rock star, Versace, raincoat and Alexander McQueen. The Dubai Fountain Next to Dubai Mall is the Dubai Fountain. The Dubai Fountain is that the world’s second largest choreographed fountain system assaults the 30-acre semi synthetic Burj Khalifa Lake, at the centre of the Downtown Dubai development in Dubai. A rival for the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas. Book a table at any of the numerous restaurants bordering the fountain, spend a romantic evening, a must for those in love. Ski Dubai Located on Emirates Mall, Ski Dubai is the Middle East’s first indoor ski centre. Ski metropolis is an interior holiday resort with twenty two, 500 sq. meters of indoor ski space. it’s a region of the Mall of the Emirates, one amongst the biggest searching malls within the world, situated in metropolis. Enjoy skiing, snowboarding or just playing in the snow. The Arabian Desert Just 30 minutes from Dubai city centre is the desert. The desert safari is a must for all on Dubai Holiday Packages. Go there by a four-wheel-drive safari, do some camel trekking and have a delicious breakfast at the Oasis. The Bastakia Quarter Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood may be a historic district in city, United Arab Emirates. The development of Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood dates back to the 1890. The Bastakia Quarter, between the Dubai Creek and the buzzing Bur Dubai district, this is the old city and it harks back to the quiet fishing village that was once ‘Dubai’. Deira Souks Deira is most famous for its traditional souks or local markets. There is the Deira Gold Souk where you will find really cheap gold and haggle for it. Or the Deira Spice Souk, here you’ll find every imaginable spice. AL FAROOQ OMAR IBN AL-KHATTAB MOSQUE     For those who never ad opportunity to visit a mosque, this is a must do. Inspired by the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, the mosque was sculpted by hand by 60 Moroccan craftsmen and is one of the most beautiful monuments in town. Know before you go: Dubai has a family-oriented environment and if your kids are under 12 they are entitled to discounts provided on admission fees to most of the amusement parks and the like. Dubai is very safe for women travellers, yet women should keep in mind that they are travelling to a place deeply rooted in traditions and dress a little conservatively. They even have separate queues for women in government offices. The best and fastest way to travel is the Dubai metro. The normal shopping hours are 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 4.00 to 9.00 PM. Most of the shopping centres are open from 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM and supermarkets are open 24×7. Shopping centres are open even on Fridays the Islamic day of rest, yet close for Friday prayers (Juma) from 11.30 AM to 1.30 PM. Have some further queries before you book your forthcoming trip to Dubai, feel free to call us or contact our customer support at The Holiday Adviser always ready to give you authentic information to help you book the Dubai Holiday and Honeymoon packages with us. Amongst the big tips for all those on Dubai Holiday Packages is no PDA you can be arrested and if you are on a budget use the Dubai Metro fast easy it connects you quite well across Dubai. Marine – Animal Parks Dubai is a town and emirate within the United Arab Emirates better-known for luxury looking, modern design and a vigorous nightlife scene. Burj Khalifa, associate degree 830m-tall tower, dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with jets and lights choreographed to music. On artificial islands simply offshore is imaginary place, The Palm, a resort with water and marine-animal parks. Today Dubai is most famous place for tourist attraction and those peoples who love to travel with family. The Holiday adviser offer cheapest holiday tour packages from Bangalore and Chennai. Or If you like to spend some quality time with your partner then Wild Wadi Water park is perfect place for you Book Dubai hot deals packages from India.

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Vietnam Package Tour

Vietnam Package Tour

Orbis India Tours - Offering Vietnam Package Tour, International Tours Packages Services in Virugambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Read about company and get contact details and address.

When Best to travel to Vietnam?

by Cuong Nguyen @ Travel Sense Asia

Decide when best to travel to Vietnam will give you some confuse because Vietnam is the tropical monsoon climate. That is the reason why you should choose the best time to visit each place in Vietnam, however, there are some months which is suitable for all parts of Vietnam. This article will show you the […]

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Top 10 holiday destinations to visit this summer

by theholidayaderviser @ International Tour Packages | Holiday Trips

Top 10 holiday destinations to visit this summer 1.Spain : Spain has long been a favourite of British holidaymakers, and it remains the UK’s number one holiday destination. In particular, the Balearic islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca are perennial big-hitters, along with Canary Islands such as Tenerife and the beautiful lesser-known La Gomera and La Palma. Other great beach destinations on the mainland include the Costa de la Luz and Catalonia.Northern Spain is overlooked by most tourists, even though it combines magnificent empty beaches with rolling countryside, mountains, medieval towns and buzzing cities. It’s authentic, great value and the food is superb.There’s a lot more to Spain than beaches. There are great walking holidays and cycling in Catalonia. The rise of low-cost airlines has made it easy to enjoy city breaks in the likes of Palma and Seville – both of which are rich in culture. Find more holiday ideas in Spain, and an extensive guide to the best family holidays in Spain.     2. France : The relationship between the British and French has had its ups and downs over the years, but our love of all things French shows no sign of abating. From the Channel ports to the islands of the Mediterranean, Francophiles are never short of new destinations to discover. Among our favourite holidays in France are the beaches of Corsica and Ile de Ré. You can go cycling in the French countryside, take a cooking course or spend a few days in Paris. If you’re looking for an excuse to crack open a few bottles, take a wine tour or a champagne weekend. Or relax and watch the countryside roll by on a luxury hotel barge with gourmet meals, fine wines and excursions all included. Destinations include Burgundy, Provence and Gascony. There are few better ways to enjoy the French countryside than in your own villa with private pool – our favourite spots include the Dordogne, Provence and the Côte d’Azur. In the French Alps you can ski on a budget, or with the family, and the mountains also make a great destination in summer. You can rent a French chateau and even in winter you’ll find long days of sunshine on the Cote d’Azur, where you can enjoy the timeless beauty of Nice. Find more holiday ideas in France, or see our editors’ tips on the best family holiday destinations in France.   3. Greece  : Holidays in Greece are all about simplicity. Despite the recent economic crisis, it is the whitewashed villas, the friendly tavernas, the hot sun and blue seas that keep us coming back year after year. Even Greek food is a masterpiece of simplicity, both traditional and healthy. It is the islands that attract the most visitors. Corfu’s villas never lose their appeal. If you’re looking for the quintessential small Greek island, we recommend Paxos, which has no airport and is a great place for lazy days, boat trips and lovely villas. If you fancy being more active, the Lakitira Beach resort on Kos, just off the Turkish coast, offers a wide array of water sports. Crete is the largest and arguably the most interesting of the islands. Steer away from the tacky resorts and stay at one of these stylish houses or family villas available for rent. Find more holiday locations in Greece and our pick of the best Mediterranean holidays. 4. United State of America (USA) Holidays in Greece are all about simplicity. Despite the recent economic crisis, it is the whitewashed villas, the friendly tavernas, the hot sun and blue seas that keep us coming back year after year. Even Greek food is a masterpiece of simplicity, both traditional and healthy. It is the islands that attract the most visitors. Corfu’s villas never lose their appeal. If you’re looking for the quintessential small Greek island, we recommend Paxos, which has no airport and is a great place for lazy days, boat trips and lovely villas. If you fancy being more active, the Lakitira Beach resort on Kos, just off the Turkish coast, offers a wide array of water sports. Crete is the largest and arguably the most interesting of the islands. Steer away from the tacky resorts and stay at one of these stylish houses or family villas available for rent. Find more holiday locations in Greece and our pick of the best Mediterranean holidays. 5. Great Britai : No list of holiday destinations for UK travellers would be complete without mentioning our own great country: not just England, but Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The UK’s most popular tourist destinations include London, Devon and Cornwall, the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, East Anglia and Scotland. In the English countryside you can rent a Downton Abbey-style historic house sleeping 6 – 60 people. Perfect for birthdays or anniversaries. In Scotland you could rent an apartment in Edinburgh, stay in a picturesque cottage, take a whisky tour, ride a steam train on the West Highland Line or take a tour of Mull to see minke whales, otters, seals and porpoises. Explore more UK holiday destinations. Explore more Europe holiday destinations   7.Italy Ancient culture, great beaches, fantastic food and charming people – it’s no surprise that so many of us decide to holiday in Italy. Our editors consistently rate it is one of the best summer holiday destinations in Europe. For a taste of la dolce vita, head to the wonderful cities of Rome, Florence and Venice – for an extra dash of old-school glamour, you can even travel to Venice on the Orient-Express. For a relaxing stay in the countryside or close to a beach, rent a villa with private pool. Umbria is a beautiful region of Italy, boasting medieval market towns, wonderful vineyards and great works of the Renaissance – and is largely untouched by tourists. Beach lovers will be blown away by the 500 miles of coastline in Puglia in the south, not to mention the traditional architecture and terrific food and wine. The Italian […]

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What to See in North Vietnam?

by Cuong Nguyen @ Travel Sense Asia

Thanks to the perfect geographical location, Vietnam has inherited many wonderful landscapes from Mother Nature and absorbed the essence of neighboring cultures. This makes people wonder what to see in North Vietnam. Because I have spent almost all of my life here, I can confidently say that I know this area inside out. My friends […]

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Cu Chi – the Best Place for Ho Chi Minh Tunnels Tour

by Cuong Nguyen @ Travel Sense Asia

If you take a Ho Chi Minh tunnels tour, the must-going place is Cu Chi tunnel – one of the greatest works constructed by the Vietnamese. Cu Chi tunnel system serves as the living and hiding place for the Vietnamese soldiers during the wars. Visitors reaching there can not only experience the great tunnels but […]

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Guide For New Visitors On Where To Go Myanmar

by Cuong Nguyen @ Travel Sense Asia

Wonder where to go Myanmar for the most meaningful memories? The following is our 7-day travel itinerary on the top-ranked destinations in the country you can have a chance to visit all. Also called the Golden Land, Myanmar is a spectacular country which is still relatively untouched by tourism. Thanks to thousands of iconic sights […]

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Grasp Your Breath to Enjoy Dubai Adventures Holiday

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Dubai is fast becoming the adventure and thrill capital of the world, what’s even better you don’t have to do much – Just grasp your breath to enjoy Dubai Adventures Holiday to the max. With that in mind, it’s time to drive past the Burj-Khalifa into the wild and experience some of the most adrenaline-pumping rides you will ever have in the deserts of the east. Then again if it’s the sea that attracts you to explore there is as much to see, feel and get in touch with as there is on land. Time to load up, head out and make the most of your Dubai Holiday Packages, Dune bashing, bungee jumping, or scuba diving – it’s all happening here in Dubai! Dune Bashing Dubai and dune bashing are synonymous. The best way to engage the desert in an adventure is to take a 4×4 vehicle for a ride. It is a thrilling journey that gets more exciting with every passing dune. As the inclines are steeper and the engines of these mighty monster jeeps begin to slow as the shifting sands of the desert add resistance to the vehicles you can feel the adventure coming on. It’s time to say welcome to the Dubai Desert Safari and whenever you can – do stop and take pictures of the sand as it billows behind you, as you make this pilgrimage. Speaking of photo ops do not forget to click your sunset pictures as the desert changes to a warm molten orange as the evening approaches. Bungee Jumping You are at 50 meters above desert level all ready to make the fall. The wind is still and the desert below you simmers. Suddenly with a gentle nudge you fall and if you were carrying a speedometer it would soon say 95 MPH now that’s fast for a car, but you are bungee jumping at one of the many jump locations in Dubai. Adrenaline doesn’t get a better shot than this in the deserts of Dubai and suddenly the Dubai tour packages that you booked with a group of friends for adventure makes all the sense in the world. Scuba Diving If you choose the sea – the desert is not your playground as part of your Dubai holiday packages, you are not going to be disappointed. The coast of the city is teaming with marine life and this could be the Playground. While your tour operator may sell ‘the mall’ scuba diving experience to you, we say there is nothing like the real thing like swimming with the fish in the vastness of the sea. Scuba diving off the coast of Dubai gives you the opportunity to explore life underwater in the Arabian Gulf.  The sea in the region is home to several species of fishes and is a paradise for underwater photographers as well. The bonus here if you are a novice with no prior experience you can go for a dive along with an experienced trainer and if you are a professional with a licence then the sea is yours with all that is in it. In Dubai, whether you are here with family or friends or both on prebooked Dubai holiday packages and you take the desert road there is solace. The shimmering lights of the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah Island are never far from sight. Jump into the fun! Book your Dubai Holiday packages from Hyderabad or others cities from India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Bhopal now at The Holiday Adviser for a road full of Adventure in the Land of Sea and Sands!

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Vietnam Tours - Daytrips and Tour Packages in Vietnam

Vietnam Tours - Daytrips and Tour Packages in Vietnam

Vietnam tours are ideal options for visitors looking to explore historical monuments, colonial buildings, religious sites, and war memorials with knowledgeable guides on hand to give them an insight into this amazing country. In the north, breathtaking scenery in the Sapa Highlands and spectacular seascapes in Halong Bay

Vietnam Travel Guide

by roambabyroam @ Roam Baby Roam

What to do and see in Vietnam is one of the most frequently asked questions by travelers around the world. Vietnam Travel Guide is specially written for all who prefer exploring the offbeat travel destinations. It has something to offer for all kinds of travelers with a variety of holiday experiences like breathtaking Beach Holidays, […]

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Vietnam Travel Tips I Places to Visit I Vietnam Tour Package from India

Vietnam Travel Tips I Places to Visit I Vietnam Tour Package from India

Roam Baby Roam

Vietnam travel tips & guide - places to visit , Visa FAQs, where to stay, airfare, Vietnam Tour Package from India, Vietnam tourism, Vietnam Holiday Packages

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