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Concept Store Find: Modern Society London

by Riley Zuckerman @ Melting Butter

Modern Society London is a minimalist cafe and thoughtfully edited contemporary concept store, all housed under one roof. Following a valuable job in finance, Nazifa Movsoumova, the young founder of Modern Society, set off to travel the world, launch a series of global pop-ups, sought out creative inspiration from artists, photographers and designers and started […]

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Huffington Post – Sydney Launches Laneway At Kensington St

by Kensington Street @ Kensington Street

Sydney Launches Laneway At Kensington St, Chippendale Huffington Post by Evin Priest, 15 July 2016 The battle for cultural supremacy between Melbourne and Sydney is set to reach boiling point -- the Harbour City finally has a laneway. The idea of narrow streets crammed with Al fresco cafes, one-off shops and cosy little bars has [...]

Good Food, Sydney Morning Herald – Mekong, Chippendale

by Kensington Street @ Kensington Street

Just Open: Mekong, Chippendale Good Food, Sydney Morning Herald, by Lee Tran Nam, 21 June 21 2016 Mekong is a step up (literally and figuratively) from the street-food feel of its downstairs sister eatery, Lower Mekong - the menu and the digs are a touch flashier (Giant Design has installed fishnet lights and bamboo stalks [...]

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk Sydney

by elle @

The Bondi to Coogee coastal walk Sydney is tailor-made for day two or three of your stay. Day one has to be the harbour. After that, walking the coast with its panoramic views, lovely bays and white sand beaches is a wonderful way to stretch your legs and get a feel for coastal Sydney. Coastal […]

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5 Awesome Things To Do In Sydney This Week

5 Awesome Things To Do In Sydney This Week

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

Another week in Sydney has just jumped up, and it’s slapping us in the face with all the fun. If you’re into movies, culture and listening to Queen Nigella speak, then you’ll agree: this one’s set to be damn good. 

Here are all the best things happening in Sydney this week. 

All Week

Karaoke Carousel

Thanks to the all-time legends at Sydney Festival, a Karaoke Carousel is currently sitting in Hyde Park. For only a few more days, you’ll be able to ride a pogoing unicorn (their words, not ours) around and around while you sing Let It Go and Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of your lungs. Tickets are limited and the cheap tickets can only be purchased on the day (online is more but you get more goodies FYI), so you’ll want to get in earrrrllly, or as soon as the metaphorical doors open at 4.30pm, 6 days per week. Details here

When: 5 - 28 January, from 4.30pm till late (closed Mondays) Where: Hyde Park North, entry via Central Avenue Walkway Cost: $5 at the venue, $20 with the Village Sideshow Priority Pass, available online

Monday 22 January


If you’re still not over the fact that Christmas specials are all over, this one’s for you. Nigella is coming to Sydney thanks to The School of Life, and if you want to hear this woman speak about all things food and specifically its connection to pleasure, belonging and creativity, you’ll want to be here. She’ll be sitting down with psychologist, Hugh Mackay, and obviously, we’re all over this one. Book here.

When: Monday 22 January, 7pm Where: Enmore Theatre Cost: $35 (concession), $45 (general admission)

Tuesday 23 January


If you’re yet to hit up the epic exhibition, Pipilotti Rist: Sip My Ocean at the MCA, then this might just convince you. For one night only, the MCA will host an exclusive [unplugged] viewing of the exhibition, so you’ll have the chance to trade in the crowds for a (shall we say) quieter gallery experience. Switch off your devices and enjoy it guys. Buy tickets here

When: Tuesday 23 January, 6pm – 8pm (booking required) Where: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia Cost: Tickets $22 for adults, $17 for members and concession 

Wednesday 24 January

Culture Up Late 

The Australian Museum is staying open every Wednesday night, so you can pop in for a spot of culture, science, entertainment and general good times after work. There’ll be dozens of performers, artists and scientists getting in on the fun. A couple of our picks are the ‘Turning the Tide” performance, which explores the threats to our oceans, “Another View” which is part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and “We Stand Strong” which has been curated by the AM’s First Nations staff in celebration of Indigenous protest and resilience. Book your ticket here

When: Every Wednesday from 24 January to 14 March, 5pm – 9pm Where: Australian Museum, 1 William Street, Sydney Cost: $20 for adults, $18 for concession and $16 for AM members.


If an outdoor cinema is not on your summer bucket list, you need to re-evaluate your life plans. This Wednesday, the Sunset Cinema in North Sydney is where you need to head to check out Wonder—a new release featuring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay. We legit can’t say no to an outdoor picnic and movie under the stars. Head here to get booking guys.

When: Wednesday 24 January, 7pm Where: North Sydney Oval, North Sydney Cost: Concession $15 and adults $19

If you're looking for more things to do this month, head here

Image credit: Supplied by Sydney Festival

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time Is Headed For Sydney

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time Is Headed For Sydney

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

Sydney might be a little slow on the uptake here, but we’re fiiiiiiinally scoring a performance of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time. And if you’re unsure, yes you absolutely need to book tickets. This one absolutely killed it when the Melbourne Theatre Company had its season (just quietly, it was a total sell-out), and it was a similar story on the West End. 

In the words of our Auckland Editor (who loved the show), it is based on the novel of the same name, and tells the story of Christopher John Francis Boone, who has Asperger’s Syndrome. The performance starts with a dog killed with a garden fork plunged through its body and Christopher standing above it—cue assumptions that he is the killer. Christopher then takes on the role of detective to get to the bottom of the crime. 

His search leads him to discover far more than he ever anticipated and, as his world is thrown upside down, the audience is with him every step of the way as he documents the experience in his own unique way. 

To nab yourself a ticket, you’ll need to head here

The details

What: The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time When: Wednesday 4 July – Sunday 15 July Where: Roslyn Packer Theatre, 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay Cost: $99 – $150

Meanwhile, Monet's Water Lillies are coming to Sydney. See!

Image credit: Brinkoff/Mögenbu

Whole Steamed Barramundi

by Grant Lewers @ Mekong Restaurant Chippendale Sydney

Download Here   Steamed Whole Barramundi Ingredients 1 whole barramundi, 600-700 g, cleaned 5 stalks lemongrass, bottom half only, smashed, and cut into chunks For the sauce 3 Tbsp finely chopped palm sugar 8 Tbsp lime juice 6 Tbsp fish sauce 2 heads of garlic, chopped Thai chillies to taste, finely chopped 20 – 25... Read more »

8 Aussie True Crime Novels To Binge Read This Summer

8 Aussie True Crime Novels To Binge Read This Summer

by Millie Lester @ The A List | The Urban List

Put down that damn Jodi Picoult novel because we’ve dug up the best Aussie true crime books on the market just in time for Christmas, and Jodi’s latest heartbreaking courtroom drama is going to have to wait. Hours of bookshop research have told us that Australia is home to some pretty insane, real-life murder mysteries, and paired with a hot cup of tea and a few choccie bikkies, they make for a delicious night in this festive season.

Here are the best Aussie true crime novels to binge read these holidays.

1.   Tall Man: The Death Of Doomadgee

This little number is based on the suspicious death of an imprisoned indigenous man in 2004. Set in the deep north of Australia, on Palm Island, middle-aged man Cameron Doomadgee is arrested for being a potty mouth in front of a white police officer. Less than an hour later, he turns up dead in the jailhouse as a result of ‘tripping over’, except according to the autopsy - that makes no sense. Commissioned by the pro bono lawyer who represented Doomadgee’s family, this is an unforgettable read about power struggles, revenge and justice.

2. Huckstepp: A Dangerous Life

This Australian story is a true crime classic and a must-read for anyone interested in real-life Aussie murder mysteries. In it, Huckstepp investigates the murder of a sprightly young lady who caught the country’s attention from the first moment she appeared on television, accusing New South Wales detectives of murdering her boyfriend. This is a fantastically written true story of a gutsy gal who paid the ultimate price on her quest for justice. Bum-bum-boooooow.

3. Joe Cinque’s Consolation

The description of this page-turning puzzler makes about as much sense as pineapple on pizza, but for that reason it’ll take you only half an afternoon to demolish. In 1997, a young ANU law student apparently makes a plan to slaughter her beloved boyfriend upon the conclusion of a dinner party she’s hosting at her house. Disturbingly, several of the dinner guests are aware of it, however none of them thought to warn old mate Joe who dies in his own bed of a massive dose of Rohypnol and heroin. I dare you NOT to go and buy this book now.

4. Snowtown: The Bodies In Barrels Murders

Some call the Snowtown murders Australia’s most notorious criminal case, and for good reason. In 1999, bodies were discovered in barrels inside at bank vault in the South Australian destination of Snowtown. One of the first reporters on the scene was former police reporter, Jeremy Pudney, who pieces all the bits of the puzzle together in order to get to the bottom of the Snowtown murders. The book covers not only the lives of the victims, but of those convicted and the strange circumstances that led them to get away with such violent crimes for so long. It’s tantalisingly spooky and equally horrifying.

5. Tamam Shud: The Somerton Man Mystery

The Somerton Man case remains one of Australia’s most well-known mysteries. In 1948, a body is discovered on a beach in Adelaide, well-dressed and unscathed, and with only a half-smoked cigarette by his side. Due to the fact that he had no identification with him, we still don’t know who he was or how he died these six decades later, what we do know is it was turned into a bloody good book that explores the ins and outs of how the mystery man could have turned up dead on the beach, and why the crime was never solved.

6. The Killing Of Caroline Byrne: A Journey To Justice

One night, during the mid-nineties, stunning Sydney model Caroline Byrne dies after she lands head-first into a crevice at the bottom of The Gap in the Sydney Harbour entrance (fecking ouch!). Was it suicide? Was it murder? All we know is it’s the story of Tony Byrne’s determination to find out the truth of his daughter’s death that hooks us in and leaves us wanting more. More well written crime fic, not unjust murder that is.

7. Gun Alley

Gun Alley is an enthralling story of how botched police work, trial by media and lynch-law hysteria led to the conviction and subsequent hanging of an innocent Australian man. The pages in this cracking book delve into the reasons why this confronting conspiracy was targeted towards an innocent person, and reveals vital and never-before-seen clues that, after eighty years, point to the real killer. Phwoar.

8. Searching For The Beaumont Children

Probably don’t pick this one up if you’re a parent yourself because the Beaumont Children mystery is one of the saddest and devastating of its kind in Australia. On January 26 1966, three siblings left their Adelaide home and set off for the beach. By the end of the day, none of the children had returned home and the ‘Beaumont Children Case’ remains Australia’s most famous (and gut-wrenching) unsolved mysteries. This book will have you burrowing down conspiracy rabbit holes all over the internet for days.

Prefer to listen over reading? Here are the best true crime podcasts you should be throwing into your ears.

Image: Snowtown culprits 

The Best Waterfalls In NSW

The Best Waterfalls In NSW

by Jessica Best @ The A List | The Urban List

Oh NSW, minus your questionable number of non-wins over the last decade in the State of Origin, we actually really, really do love you (no hard feelings, ‘kay?). Yep, our lovely national park-filled state is full of mountains to climb, valleys to explore and waterfalls to find and (sometimes) swim in! Oh, and it’s your duty to explore every single one of them. That’s where we come in.

There’s a whole lot to look forward to in this article including 300-metre cascades, glorious swimming holes, ocean waterways and natural rock slides, so kickback and start wanderlusting about all the adventures to come. 

Here are all the best waterfalls in NSW.

Killen Falls


Before you ask, yes you can absolutely swim in this gigantic AF swimming hole. Located between Byron and Ballina, this gem has a 10-metre waterfall at one end and secret cave you can totally sneak into and watch the falls without getting wet (in other words, bring your GoPro) at the other. You’ll have to take a short, hilly walk to get here but once you get to this landing there’s a heap of flat areas to set up for the day and you absolutely should.

Nellies Glen

Budderoo National Park

Shoutout to Nellies Glen (which lies just a touch upstream from the 50-metre Carrington Falls) for being the glorious swimming hole and pretty lil’ waterfall that it is. You’ll find this one on the South Coast of NSW and just so you know, there are rockpools and smaller waterfalls here where you can definitely get your mermaid on.

Ebor Falls

Guy Fawkes River National Park

Ebor Falls is iconic for throwing up one helluva rainbow for you to feast your eyes on. This one should definitely be a stop-off while you’re on the Waterfall Way strip and trust us, it’s just the kind that can’t be matched in photos. The Guy Fawkes River plunges 100 metres (so pretty bloody high) over two waterfalls and there are even three separate lookouts so you can score the best vantage point.


Curracurrong Falls

Royal National Park

Also nestled inside the National Park, Curracurrong is the incredible waterfall emptying into the ocean. Yep, you read that right. This gem spills over coastal cliffs and you’ll get the best view from Eagle Rock which gives you a full frontal view of the waterway.

Image credit: Unsplash

BREAKING: The Farm At Byron Bay Is Opening A Second Venue!

BREAKING: The Farm At Byron Bay Is Opening A Second Venue!

by Jessica Pridmore @ The A List | The Urban List

Now, we cover a lot of new openings—it’s our job to sniff out the new places—but not all newbies are created equal.

The Farm At Byron Bay; home to the incredible Three Blue Ducks restaurant, Bread Social, and Flowers At The Farm, is easily one of the most stunning spots in the country.

Early adopters of impeccable local produce and having created a unique venue that warms your very essence (not least because they do an incredible Sunday roast and have baby animals running around the joint) means they easily fall into our ‘best in Australia’ category for style and substance. So the fact they’ve announced that they will be opening a sister venue understandably sets our hearts aflutter!

Say hi to The Beach House. Set to open in Ballina, northern NSW in July 2018, The Beach House (as the name suggests) will sit pride of place totally beachfront at Black Head. Opening its doors for weddings, as retreat and also as an event space for up to 250 people, The Beach House is set to be one of 2018’s hottest new openings.

The details surrounding the retreat are all very hush hush for now, but expect the same incredible food and attention to detail as The Farm.

All we can do is wait (not so) patiently for The Beach House to open…

The Details

What: The Beach House Where: Ballina, NSW When: July 2018

While you wait, listen to this gripping new true crime podcast.

Image credit: Grace Elizabeth Images for The Urban List

Sydney New Years Eve Outdoors: Ticketed Events

by elle @

How do you choose where to go for the best Sydney New Years Eve outdoors? Ticketed events at prime vantage points are a great way to see in the new year without the mad scramble of the free sites. Most of them won’t break the bank, but what’s the best vantage point for you to […]

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Kimye Have Had Their Third Child And Is This The Biggest News Of 2018?

Kimye Have Had Their Third Child And Is This The Biggest News Of 2018?

by Catherine Blake @ The A List | The Urban List

Yes, the second most highly anticipated child of the year has been born (here's looking at you Middleton!), and once again the internet's on fire. Earlier this morning, Kim herself posted a message on her website following her daughter’s birth. As expected, most of the tantalising details are being withheld, but here’s what we know about the latest member of America’s royal family:

Sex: Female Star sign: Capricorn Weight: 7 lb 6 oz Name: TBD Surrogate: Kylie Jenner (also TBD)

This last detail, or lack thereof, is driving us wild with speculation right now—not least because we've seen hide nor hair of her in months. As we wait for news of a naming, more than a few theories are brewing amongst the painfully curious.

Having gone a bit left of field to name their first two kids (for anyone not familiar with the Kardashian West children, their names are North and Saint. Because of course they are), will Kimye follow suit and stay within the realms of dictionary words? Will they push the envelope further and gift us with a moniker defying phonetic logic? Or will they pull a total 180 and name her Karen?

Anything could happen at this point so place your bets now as to what direction you think they’ll go in. Correct guesses win bragging rights. 

Image credit: Popsugar

Vietnamese food: a cultural norm or a cultural epidemic?

by admin @ Retro Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant - North Sydney

I always wonder why Australia is heavily influenced by Asian cuisines, in particular by Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese food. Is it because of geographical reasons, as we are close to these countries and does it allow us to easily share their cultural norms and wonderful cuisine? Is it due to migration and trade? Or […]

What to Do in Sydney

by elle @

A resource page for up to the minute guidance on what to do in Sydney right now. I regularly update the links to information, tips, suggestions and recommendations to help you get the most out of your stay. Sydney has a non-stop program of things that come and go. Miles too many for a website […]

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Best pho in Sydney, Vietnamese | noodlies - A Sydney food blog by Thang Ngo

Best pho in Sydney, Vietnamese | noodlies - A Sydney food blog by Thang Ngo

noodlies - A Sydney food blog by Thang Ngo

The two most known Vietnamese taste tempters are actually street food - pork rolls (banh mi thit) and of course, the instant palate, heart and soul warmer, pho.

Broadsheet – Sydney’s Best New Restaurants of 2017

by Kensington Street @ Kensington Street

Ten new restaurants that have defined the year in food. Broadsheet by Nicholas Jordan, 05 July 2017 Every year that we do this we’re stunned by how much has happened in the past six months. It really feels, every time, like there’s an unprecedented interest in eating out and a many people trying to make [...]

Restaurant Find: Sasaki Sydney

by Riley Wilson @ Melting Butter

If you weren’t looking for it (or if you didn’t know about it), you might be hard-pressed to find Sasaki, Yu Sasaki’s namesake Sydney restaurant. Since opening in April, the dinner-only venture – Sasaki’s second; he also runs the matcha mecca Cre Asion café next door – has turned out a menu inspired by the […]

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Vietnamese Restaurant | Functions & Events | Red Lantern Darlinghurst

Vietnamese Restaurant | Functions & Events | Red Lantern Darlinghurst

Red Lantern

Red Lantern, Sydney, is the world's most awarded Vietnamese restaurant with chefs Luke Nguyen & Mark Jensen

Pauline Nguyen

Pauline Nguyen

by @ The food chain: Vietnamese food.

Pauline Nguyen cooks a green papaya salad at the Sydney Writers Festival

We Found A Luxe Champagne Bar Serving Frozen Popsicle Cocktails

We Found A Luxe Champagne Bar Serving Frozen Popsicle Cocktails

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

ICYMI the brand spankin’ new Sofitel Darling Harbour is luxe AF and as if they weren’t already delivering every single thing we want and need in a hotel—Frozen god damn popsicle cocktails are happening. 

Yep. If you haven’t visited this bar yet, picture yourself sitting back in a marble-clad bar overlooking the epic Sydney skyline and iconic Darling Harbour. Sounds pretty great, no? Now add in frozen popsicle cocktails and just try to contain your excitement, we dare you. 

The Sofitel’s mixologist team have been working day and night (that’s how we imagine it anyway) to make all of our dreams come true and they’ve bloody done it. You’ll want to wrap your laughing gear around every single flavour—think frosé and Aperol spritz in frozen form. Just quietly, we’ll be working our way through the lot, but a good place to start is the Cannes; a blend of rum and pineapple juice with coconut cream, the Saint Tropez; white rum with lychee and fresh mint, or the Marseille; Aperol and frosé, blended with strawberry puree, orange and garnished with a berry-blended ice pole and coconut cream. We know, it’s juuuuust enough fabulous in one drink and we want three. 

For all the details and to scope out the menu, head here

Meanwhile, you can now eat a Vegemite burger. 

Image credit: Supplied

September Festivals: Sydney Fringe – Arts, Theatre, Music, Comedy & Film Festival

by elle @

Bored with mainstream arts?   Sydney’s September Fringe festival can fix that. Ideas provocative, venues unexpected, performances improvised, comedy subversive and energy high. That’s the Sydney Fringe Festival. And, if it doesn’t completely take over the city, it’s not for lack of trying. So What’s On Offer? Alternative arts and culture. Think Visual arts Music […]

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Restaurant Find: East London Sydney

by Riley Wilson @ Melting Butter

Modern Chinese above a pub: not necessarily the first thing Sydneysiders might think of for dinner. But East London, the restaurant that sits atop the London Hotel in Paddington, might just change their minds. The second-storey restaurant watches out over a four-way corner in the eastern neck of the inner-city, between jacaranda trees, Victorian terrace […]

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The Un-Pho-Gettable Origins of Vietnams Signature Dish

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

Every country has a special dish that they can be really proud, of something that reflects their cultural roots, for Japan it’s Sushi, USA has burgers or Chicken Waffles, Australia has Lamingtons, Meat Pies and for Vietnam that dish is Pho. What’s great about good food is that it can be universally satisfying regardless of...

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Sydney Festival 2018

by elle @

The Sydney Festival 2018 is in full swing till 28 January and there’s a lot to see and do. Along with the usual international glitz and big name acts, Sydney Festival 2018 has a more challenging side, courtesy of director Wesley Enoch.  Indigenous Program Following last year’s successful program Sydney Festival 2018 showcases more indigenous […]

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Best Free Spots for Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks

by elle @

Thousands watch Sydney New Years Eve fireworks from great spots for free each year. There’s time and some effort involved, but it’s all possible. Here’s how. Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks Start Here Start your search for the perfect fireworks view with the official map. It has all the details, showing the positions of the […]

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Cooked It: How To Make A Kickass Cheese And Bacon Cob Loaf At Home

Cooked It: How To Make A Kickass Cheese And Bacon Cob Loaf At Home

by Millie Lester @ The A List | The Urban List

It’s time to give the old lamb roast the flick because the days of backyard banter over meat and three veg have been and gone and the time for cheese and bacon-filled bread loafs is RIGHT EFFING NOW. You can start sending your letters of appreciation to The Urban List head office because we’ve officially put pen to paper to publish what can only be described as an insane addition to any social gathering, food-related or otherwise.

Here’s how to make a kickass cob loaf at home.


1 cob loaf 250g tub of Philadelphia 300mL of sour cream 250g of tasty cheese 210g of creamed corn 4 rashers of bacon, diced 6 spring onions, sliced and diced


Grab your Woolies tote bags and hit the supermarket. You can get a mean round cob from almost any bakery, as well as any major supermarket. The same goes for cheese and bacon buns, they have nothing to do with this recipe, but leaving a bakery without them is a sin. Head home and preheat your oven to 150 degrees Celsius, then use a serrated bread knife to slice the top off the cob and tear out the inside of the loaf in pieces. Pop those juicy bread bits in a container and set aside for the mo. Try not to eat them all. Line an oven tray with baking paper, pop the cob loaf skeleton on there and then fry the bacon in a pan to the desired level of ~sizzle~. Combine all of the remaining ingredients in a bowl (bacon included) and pour the mixture into the cob loaf husk and pop it in the oven. Bake that bad boy for ninety minutes, and then remove it from the oven, add the torn away bread to the tray and bake for a further ten minutes. Pull that delicious b*stard from the oven, grab a piece of bread, dive into that cheesy cob and Instagram a pic of carby cob loaf with the hashtag #cobloafoftheday.

 Image credit:

Aussie Christmas vs Vietnamese Christmas..are they similar?

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

Have you always had Turkey, Ham and Buche de Noel for Christmas? This festive season, be brave to refresh your taste with our Vietnamese Christmas menu. It has all the Christmas menu’s components of: Quail & Chicken instead of Turkey, Crispy pork instead of Ham, and fresh Prawn salad with Green papaya to replace the fresh...

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14 Awesome Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend

14 Awesome Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend

by Hannah Caldwell @ The A List | The Urban List

ICYMI, summer is here to stay (wellll, at least for a few more months anyway). This weekend is jam packed with all of Sydney’s summer feels. Think rooftop terraces (with all the drinks), pop-ups (with all the food), live music, and exhibitions to boot. Yep, there really is something for everyone. You can dance till the sun goes down, get cultured, and eat your weight in food in the meantime.

Fit as much in as you physically can team—you don’t want to miss anything. Here are the best things to do in Sydney this weekend.

All Weekend

Rembrandt Live

This weekend, you can travel back in time to the ‘Dutch Golden Age’ because it’s all about 17th Century Dutch masterpieces at the Art Gallery NSW, aka Rembrandt Live. There are still life works, impressive landscapes, and portraits galore on display and it’s all to the soothing sound of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra. Directed by John Bell and with music curated by Paul Dyer, this theatrical pairing has come straight from Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and FYI, you’re going to love it. 

When: Throughout the month of January Where: Art Gallery of NSW Cost: $59 - $66

Sydney Hills Outdoor Cinema

Calling all film buffs! It’s time to ditch the tired old movie night and head to The Hills Outdoor Cinema instead. Grab your crew and settle in for a night of feasting on pizza (FYI, they're giant pizzas from Epic Pizza) with a glass of Pimm’s in each hand. Bean bags are bringing the comfort but you can also upgrade to Cabana Class or a Bell Tent for VIP treatment. Returning for its 4th year with a killer line-up (helllooo Daddy’s Home 2) you’d better snag a ticket ASAP.

When: 11 January – 18 February, on Thursday through Sunday Where: Castle Hill Showgrounds Cost: Various Prices, GA $21.70

Frosé Rosé Happy Hour @ Sky Terrace

ICYMI one of our absolute fave rooftop bars has reopened with giant Jenga and frosé just in time for summer. We’re talking about Sky Terrace at The Star, of course. Every Friday from 5pm to 7pm, you can wrap your lips around Frosé Rose cocktails while overlooking the oh-so-famous Sydney skyline, for only $10 a pop. There’ll be Jenga, croquet, dominoes and Connect Four so you don’t get bored, and plenty of foodie options downstairs when you’re ready for a feed.

When: Every Friday, 5pm – 7pm Where: The Star Sydney Cost: Get all the deets here

Louis Vuitton Kombi Van Pop-Up

Listen up men, Louis Vuitton is releasing their new sporty spring-summer collection at a pop-up shop in Bondi Junction and it’s cute AF. This tropical-themed space will have exclusive (to Australia) leather goods along with ready-to-wear, accessories, watches and even surfboards. Because ‘Straya. Oh, and it’s all happening in a freaking Kombi van. 

When: 17 January – 4 February Where: Westfield Bondi Junction Cost: Free entry

Thursday 18 January 


Warm summer evenings call for seafood and chilled wine—you know we’re right. Hit up the MCA café for just that this season because their menu has things like bouillabaisse made from white fish, crab, mussels, clams and prawns, served with a roasted chilli aioli and crisp sourdough. We know, we want it in our bellies riiiiiight now. It’s handy the MCA galleries, café, store and Colour Fields pop-up bar are all keeping their doors open every Wednesday and Thursday evenings until 9pm. More time to eat. 

When: 18 January  to 18 February  Where: MCA cafe Cost: varies

Friday 19 January


And because the MCA is the gift that keeps on giving this week, it’s stepped it up a notch with ARTBAR and we’re here for it. Activities include exploring the galleries after dark, discussing cultural identity, educating yourself about ethical fashion with The Social Outfit, and learning how to dancehall. Yes. Now take those new moves up to the rooftop and get lost in the rhythm. This event will also score you free access to the Pipilotti Rist: Sip My Ocean exhibition which is open until 9.30pm. 

When: Friday 19 January  Where: MCA Cost: $24

Courtyard Sessions @ The Seymour Centre

Courtyard Sessions is kicking off the epic line up this weekend with electronic dream pop, folk, and soulful sounds along with LGBTQ artists. Because the Mardis Gras 40th Anniversary Festival is coming, people, and this is your first chance to get amongst it. As the sun sets over the Seymour Centre make the most of the bar, BBQ and vintage games whilst looking out for your new favourite band. Bring friends, family or your dog and support these up and coming artists, why don’t ya.  

When: 19 January - 13 March Where: Seymour Centre Cost: Free entry

Saturday 20 January

So Frenchy, So Chic

One of our favourite summer festivals is bringing the south of France to Sydney's Bicentennial Park in Glebe this weekend and we can smell the baguettes, and more importantly taste the champagne, from here. Otherwise known as the fairy-tale estate in Provence your instafeed needs, with wine barrels, hay bales and of course, you and your mates looking fab as you throw back a glass or two of French rosé. There will also be some seriously great beauty stalls happening too—think a Kérastase Braid Bar, Lancôme Parisienne Lip Suite and La Roche-Posay Croquet Club. So Frenchy, So Chic, why aren’t we as cool as you? For more details, head here

When: Saturday 20 January, from 12pm Where: Bicentennial Park, Glebe Cost: $45 - $89

Free Live Entertainment Hub at Gateway’s Summer Sessions

Each weekend in January you can be dazzled by musicians, acrobats, performers and jumbo games at Gateway’s Summer Sessions. Gateway has locked down talent like the professional street artist, Hendrick, and ‘Kids of Leo’, aka the World’s youngest sibling pop group from Australia’s Got Talent. Bring the kids, bring the adults, and most importantly, head here for more details. 

When: Every weekend in January 11am - 4pm Where: Jessie Street Gardens (next to Gateway) Cost: Free

The Love Brunch at Pelicano

The team from London’s Love Brunch are teaming up with Pelicano this weekend to bring their delish event to Sydney. After hitting London, Ibiza, Verbier, LA and New York (no biggie) in 2017, Sydney is the first cab off the rank for 2018. Expect loads of entertainment throughout the day, with a stellar brunch, cocktails, bubbles, music and even more. Grab your ticket here. 

When: Saturday 20 January, 12pm6pm Where: Pelicano, Double Bay Cost: $53.80 per person

Social Serve Australian Open Party

Calling all tennis players (beginners and pros), Social Serve is serving up (see what we did there?) gourmet eats, beats, and a free drink upon your arrival this weekend. Toss back some cocktails and bask in the sunlight on the sidelines or channel your competitive side and get yo’ game on. There’ll also be a raffle on the day and all profits will be donated to The Primary Club, just make sure you dress the part because the best dressed guy or gal will score a prize (or just bragging rights, either way). Head here for more info.

When: Saturday 20 January Where: Lyne Park Tennis Centre Cost: Varies

Sunday 21 January

Sunday Sundown At Coogee Pavilion

Sunday sessions are our favourite way to forget all about Monday and this weekend, you’ll be distracting yourself with great drinks and even better music on the Coogee Rooftop. This weekend, SWICK and Linda Marigliano will be bringing the tunes so you can say goodbye to your freedom in style. We know, we’re dramatic. Deets over here.

Where: Coogee Rooftop When: Sunday Cost: Free entry

Explore North Head at the Inaugural Discovery Day

This Sunday, there’ll be free talks, tours and workshops happening at the first every Discovery Day at North Head. This is one big collab between Manly Art Gallery and Museum, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Q-station, AND the Harbour Trust so you know it’ll have a little bit of everything. Be honest, when was the last time you set out to learn about your backyard. That’s what we thought—head here for more info. 

When: Sunday 21 January, 10am4pm Where: North Head Cost: Free

Don't Miss...

Australia Day @ The Star

Your fave long weekend of the year is already here and The Star Sydney wants to make sure you’re doing it right, by bringing Chingy (yes, really) to Rock Lily to celebrate. With free entry for everyone, you’re guaranteed good times–but if you’re not a fan of the hip-hop legend, stuff yourself silly with vegemite chicken wings at 24/7 Sports Bar, or take down the all-Australia-everything buffet at Harvest Buffet (we’re talking pies, barramundi and lamingtons, people!). Get all the deets here.

When: Friday 26 January – Sunday 28 January Where: The Star Sydney Cost: Get all the deets here

Editor's Note: The Star's events are proudly sponsored by The Star Sydney and endorsed by The Urban List. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. Click here for more information on our editorial policy.

Image credit: So Frenchy, So Chic

What is Pho

by admin Ezyva @ I Love Pho

Become our VIP guest in 2 easy steps: First, enjoy 8 meals* and your 9th dish is FREE! (1st time) Loyalty Card FrontLoyalty Card Back Second, enjoy 8 meals* and your 9th dish is absolutely FREE! (2nd time) + VIP card. VIP card allows you to enjoy your glass of wine every time you dine with us. Ask for your Loyalty Card next time you visit us. See you soon.

The post What is Pho appeared first on I Love Pho.

Guestroom + Pub Find: The Culpeper London

by Monique Kawecki @ Melting Butter

Located in the midst of East London’s hustle and bustle is The Culpeper London, a late 19th-century Victorian public house named after local 17th-century herbalist Nicholas Culpeper, The Culpeper unexpectedly surprises and delights, certainly exceeding our expectations. The Culpeper building plays host to a pub, restaurant, hotel and rooftop garden separated over four floors, making […]

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Sydney's best pho

Sydney's best pho

Good Food

Sydney loves a food trend. We adore tucking into the must-eat dish, snack or ingredient of the moment. But there are some food addictions that span years, even decades, that never find themselves at the bottom of the thumbs-down list. They are part of the dining pulse of this town. One of these addictions is pho.

I Love Pho - Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant - Crows Nest

I Love Pho - Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant - Crows Nest

I Love Pho

It’s our pleasure at I Love Pho to bring you honest and authentic Vietnamese cuisines. Our inspiration is to serve authentic dishes that are healthy and tasty to the palette.

How to Avoid Airport Fees on Sydney Trains

by elle @

Want to avoid the excessive airport fees on Sydney trains? You can, it’s easy and it’s legal. Here are four ways to do it. With access fees currently at $13.80 per adult and 12.40 per child, it will cost a couple $27.60, and a family with two children $52.20, on top of the ticket price, […]

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A Boozy Harry Potter Brunch Is Coming To A Hidden Sydney Location

A Boozy Harry Potter Brunch Is Coming To A Hidden Sydney Location

by Simone Jovel @ The A List | The Urban List

2018 needs to take a nap. Quite frankly there’s way too much excitement and nearly three weeks in, we’re struggling to keep up! The latest OTT event news to drop on our fair city is nothing short of magical—a bottomless Harry Potter brunch is headed our way!

Oh yes. It’ll be tipples and butter beer all ‘round folks. Coming to a hidden (AKA top secret) location in Sydney’s CBD, we’re told it will be the brunch of the year. You’ll eat, drink and make merry with a few of your favourite Hogwarts crew. Trust us when we say, you’ll want to dress up for this one.

There’ll even be Quidditch, sorting ceremonies and a couple of cheeky wand lessons. We know, deep breaths.

Sign up here for more details.

Image credit: The Wizard's Brunch

Jacksons On George Is Having A HUGE Makeover

Jacksons On George Is Having A HUGE Makeover

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

It’s time to say CYA to Jacksons on George and those hazy memories. Your old haunt is about to be replaced with a three-story pub and rooftop bar that looks pretty damn sweet. 

We’ll be honest though team, while our adult selves are pretty damn happy about the three-storey bar that’s set to take its place, our inner 18-year-old is already mourning the loss of a damn institution. 

Seriously, if you haven’t started a night-long pub crawl from this place once or twice (okay, it’s an annual tradition) can you even call yourself a true Sydney local? 

Now onto the specifics. After closing quietly on Sunday, we now know the Jacksons site has been bought by commercial developers, Lendlease, and just you wait until you hear what they have planned for this spot. The current building will be demolished to make way for their gastropub beauty, designed by local architecture firm Stewart Hollensteid.

The new pub will also have an epic rooftop bar sitting pretty above the pub because if there’s one thing we all know about Sydney siders, it’s that we love a rooftop bar. The development is planned to wrap up in 2021, and is part of a larger development in the area that will include a 55-storey tower featuring retail, office spaces and dining. 

This is yet another feather in George Street’s cap and we just can’t wait to check it out (you know, in 2021). 

And we can't forget about this big redevelopment either. 

Image credit: Lendlease

Sydney Morning Herald – BEAMS Arts Festival

by Kensington Street @ Kensington Street

Seat at street-long table helps light up the night at BEAMS Arts Festival Sydney Morning Herald by Carla Grossetti, 11 September 2016 About four hours before this image was taken, the tables for this street-long communal table were yet to be set up, there were tears among organisers putting up an artwork designed to float [...]

Free local classified ads

Free local classified ads


Find vietnamese restaurant ads in our Jobs category from Sydney Region, NSW. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds.

You Can Now Pedal Boat Your Way Around The Harbour

You Can Now Pedal Boat Your Way Around The Harbour

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

Summer is here guys. In fact, you’re cruising to the half way point (well, kind of) and you’re probably wondering what the hell you’ve even been doing with your sunshine hours. We’re right, aren’t we? Well listen in team. This is for anyone who dreams of boating around on the harbour every weekend but doesn’t quite have the budget. 

You can now pedal boat your way around Sydney harbour because #summer, #touristlyfe and #iconic. We kind of thought these bad boys had been left behind in the ‘90s but alas, they’re back and we’re damn excited about it. All you need to do is bring your crew to Cockle Bar Marina, book yo’self a boat then spend the next half hour frolicking on the water. Sounds pretty damn good, no?

To find out more, head here

The Details

When: Tuesday 2 – Sunday 28 January, 11am-7pm daily Where: Cockle Bay Marina, Darling Harbour Cost: $30 per session

Here are even more things to do this month in Sydney.

Image credit: Supplied by Darling Harbour

Sydney Summer 2017 – Special Menu

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

Enjoy an Authentic Vietnamese Fresh & Tasty & Healthy Cuisine.  

The post Sydney Summer 2017 – Special Menu appeared first on I Love Pho.

Tim Tam Margaritas Are Now A Delicious Thing That Exists

Tim Tam Margaritas Are Now A Delicious Thing That Exists

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

We know we’re not the only ones pumped for a short week, so to get you guys gearing up for the long weekend ASAP—listen up. The legends over at El Camino Cantina have just invented a Tim Tam margarita and we are done. Honestly, we just feel like fools for not realising this was something we absolutely needed in our lives until it, well, came into our lives. 

There isn’t much else we can tell you about this one team, other than the fact it’s frozen and you’ll want to pair it with their limited edition BBQ chorizo fajitas. El Camino is also serving up BBQ Kangaroo fajitas, buffalo wings and 1kg chilli smoked BBQ beef ribs. Seriously, you’ll be very well looked after this long weekend. 

The Tim Tam margs will be available from Thursday 25 January, kicking off a four-day fiesta. Think happy hour on Thursday (5pm - 7pm), the Australian Open all day long on Friday, the Triple J Hottest 100 on Saturday and boozy Sunday brunch. 

For more details, head here

Here are even more things happening in Sydney this week. 

Image credit: Supplied



Pho LV

Welcome to Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Sydney CBD, New South Wales. Pho LV: the best and special traditional Vietnamese food: Pho.

A Super Blue-Blood Moon Is Coming—But WTF Does It Even Mean?

A Super Blue-Blood Moon Is Coming—But WTF Does It Even Mean?

by Catherine Blake @ The A List | The Urban List

The interweb’s been buzzing as the stars align this week to bring us a very special series of moon-related cosmic treats. In fact, there are three very rare and important things you need to know about the full moon on January 31:

There will be a super moon There will be a blue moon; and There will be an eclipse.

It’s worth noting that it’s been 150 years since a moon was packing this much heat at the one time.


But what does all this mean? Well, during the evening of January 31 you’ll notice a big shiny moon in the sky, 15% bigger and 30% brighter than a normal full moon. This is the ‘supermoon’, and means higher tides for coastal regions as the moon is the closest to Earth it ever gets. Pretty impressive, right? 

This moon is also the second full moon of the month, technically known as a ‘blue moon’. Fun fact: Blue moons are actually more common than you probably think, rolling around once every 2.7ish years. The odds of a blue moon coinciding with a supermoon, however, is exceptionally rare. But wait, there's more.

Finally, this super/blue phenomenon’s lightshow is going to be interrupted as Earth travels between sun and moon, resulting in a lunar eclipse. Look out for the moon turning a reddy-brown colour as it reflects back the light bouncing off Earth, which photos of previous eclipses tell me make it look like an old Jaffa. 

So there you have it; a super blue-blood moon is coming our way. If you can, cast your peepers skyward on Jan 31, as it's a fair old wait until this astronomical phenomenon happens again...

Meanwhile back on earth, here are the biggest wellness trends you'll be seeing plenty of in 2018.

15 Awesome Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend

15 Awesome Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend

by Mathew Trenear @ The A List | The Urban List

Everyone knows the secret to success for any epic weekend is the three B’s: bubbles, banter, and, most importantly, the beach. And guys, this weekend ticks all those boxes. You’ll have to sort yourself out with the last one (we figured it would be easy enough) and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’re talking three whole days of party vibes guys, because we know you haven’t forgotten it’s a long weekend. We’re ready.

Here are 15 awesome things to do in Sydney this weekend.

All Weekend

American Express Openair Cinemas

American Express Openair Cinemas launches their season with a bang tonight. Get ready for delicious Italian eats provided by Salt Meats Cheese, craft beers from 4Pines, Giesen Wines and, of course, some of the best flicks of the year. We've already bought our tickets for The Disaster Artist, Downsizing and I, Tonya, so get yours now before they sell out! For more information, click here

When: Until 4 March Where: Dolphin Lawn, Bondi Beach

Lamington Waffles At Paperboy

If you need a little bit of extra lovin’ in your life this Friday, then head to Paperboy in Concord because they’re only slinging lamington waffles errryday. These bad boys involve dark chocolate, coconut parfait, decimated coconut and fresh fruits and as a bonus, they aren’t an Australia Day special, so we think this will just be your new weekend ritual, no?

When: Ongoing Where: Paperboy, Concord Cost: $18

BLUNT and KeepCup Limited Edition Combo

This collaboration is all about sustainability and we’re all about it. NZ umbrella brand, BLUNT, and infamous re-usable coffee cup company, KeepCup, have joined forces to bring us an umbrella and cup combo that is literally built to last a lifetime. The combo includes one of BLUNT’s metro umbrellas, one of the strongest in the world which means you’ll never be caught half way up George Street in peak hour with a broken umbrella mid-storm (we’ve all been there). You’ll also score a small KeepCup and you can never have too many of those. Grab yours here

When: Available now Where: At the BLUNT website  Cost: $99

The Ultimate Mustang Road Trip

This Australia Day long weekend you have the chance to test drive the iconic Ford Mustang. Head down to the St Ives Showground and buckle up in the driver’s seat for a two-hour joy ride this weekend because adventure is mandatory on a long weekend. Spots are limited so head here to register. 

When: Thursday 25 January, from 8:30am Where: St Ives Showground Cost: Free, registration essential

Model Citizen By Circus Oz

At this point, we’ve all realised that Sydney Festival is the gift that keeps on giving and now it’s even brought a circus to Sydney. Circus Oz is performing Model Citizen and you can expect this one to be a combination of wow-worthy acrobatics and hilarious satire all rolled into one. It’s only sticking around until the end of the month, so you’ll want to jump on this one fast. Book here.

When: Various dates until 28 January Where: Prince Alfred Square, Circus Oz Big Top, Parramatta Cost: $35 - $90

Backstage Tour At The Sydney Opera House

Take a tour and see the other side to the iconic Opera House—this  all-access tour takes you behind the curtains to show you all the secret spots you never knew existed under those big white sails. You’ll start with brekky in the green room and peak into the rehearsal spaces not normally open to the public and if you’re anything like us (AKA nosy), you’ll want to do this one. Book your tour over here

When: Daily at 7am Where: Sydney Opera House Cost: From $165

Thursday 25 January

Australia Day Long Weekend at Level Seven

Rooftop views, $6 beers and meat pies—just try to name a better combo. No really, we’ll wait. The team at Level Seven is hosting an epic party this Australia Day long weekend, complete with all the classic Aussie eat. Think pork and fennel sausage rolls and enough bevs to fill up Darling Harbour; there will be no excuses for not having an absolute blast. Grab your swimmers and unwind with a rosé spritz this weekend, we dare you.

When: Thursday 25 – Sunday 28 January Where: Level Seven, Hotel Primus Sydney Cost: Free entry

SoCal Australia Day Eve

ICYMI, this Friday is a public holiday so you’d be crazy to not make the most of the bonus weekend night this Thursday. And lucky for you SoCal is putting on a serious shindig. Think DJs, a true blue Aussie BBQ, acoustic tunes and $5 drink specials throughout the night—it just can’t get any better. Oh wait. There’ll also be lamb tacos with pickled beetroot, pineapple salsa, slaw and BBQ sauce, plus sausage sangas with onion and chili tomato relish (because ‘Straya). Stop messing around and book you table here. And you’re welcome. 

When: Thursday 25 January Where: SoCal, Neutral Bay Cost: Free entry

Australia Day Eve At Darlo

Kick off the long weekend with a BBQ and boogie this Thursday at one of Sydney’s last-standing dance venues, Darlo Country Club. Your ticket will score you a BBQ-style feast plus beers and all that dancing we mentioned earlier. Head here to book. 

When: Thursday 25 January, 5pm till late Where: Barlo Country Club Cost: $40 for the set menu

Friday 26 January 

Southern Sounds @ Botany View Hotel

Teaming up with Southern Comfort, the Botany View Hotel is bringing you their Southern Sounds series this Oz Day. This Sydney edition will see local favorites like Palms following a performance from garage band Bloods as well as a rare DJ set from Shag. The whole shebang is inspired by New Orleans and their love of live music and to be fair, that’s something we don’t mind either. Grab all the deets here

When: Friday 26 January, from 8pm Where: The Botany View Hotel Cost: Free entry, first come first serve.

Australia Day @ Cruise Bar

Head to Cuise Bar for a 10/10 view of the brand new Circular Quay fireworks this Australia Day. It’s the first time The Quay has put on a musical fireworks display so where else would you want sit back and soak up the all Aussie vibes? The cricket will be on the big screen and there’ll be live entertainment from midday. On the food front, you can expect a BBQ and lamingtons, because it’s unacceptable to eat anything other than these on Australia Day #fact. Be sure to arrive early and park yourself in prime position.

When: 26 January from 11am Cost: Free Entry

Australia Day @ The Woollahra Hotel

Australia Day and house parties are pretty much a match made in celebration heaven—you know we’re right. Lucky for you The Woollahra Hotel is throwing one hell of a backyard BBQ this year so you don’t need to worry about the clean up at your place this year. This true blue backyard bash has all of the necessary things to make your day the best it possibly can be. We’re talking about lamb on the spit, Pimm’s and beer towers (!!), backyard cricket and DJs from 4pm. 

When: January 26th from midday Where: The Woollahra Hotel Cost: Entry is free

Saturday 27 January

Hottest 100 Countdown @ Newtown Hotel

A new day for the Hottest 100 calls for an all new tradition and we’re here to tell you that this is probably it. The Newtown Hotel is pulling out all the stops for this one with a pop-up beach, BBQ, beats and booze all weekend long. Yeah, you read correctly, there’ll be a beach inside the Newtown Hotel, right there on King Street. Sip beer with your mates for the  Triple J Hottest 100 then let DJs Astrix Little and PHDJ take over once the number one has dropped. Then just come back on Sunday for the 200-101 countdown which is set to be just as big. Grab all the info here

When: Saturday 27-Sunday 28 from midday Where: Newtown Hotel Cost: Free entry

Sunday 28 January

Sunday Sundown At Coogee Pavilion

Strap yourselves in for this one folks, because Coogee Pav is putting on the ultimate summer Sunday sesh this weekend. They’ve enlisted some of the best DJs to bring the beats and good vibes every Sunday until the end of summer, all evening long, as part of Merivale’s Sunday Sundown series. This week, DJ and presenter Linda Marigliano is teaming up with SWICK to supply the tunes. So fire up the group chat and sort yourself out STAT.

When: Every Sunday until 25 February, 5-7pm Where: Coogee Pavilion Cost: Free Entry

The ‘Flying Fijian’ Bar Pop-Up

This Sunday, Fiji Airways is bringing the men’s and women’s Fijian rugby teams to The Olympic Hotel and it’s going to be a damn good time. In addition to the three-day Fijian bar pop up (Friday 26 – Sunday 28 January) you’ll also be saying heyyyy to the teams and watching the game on the big screen, you’ll be ordering one of everything from their Fiji-inspired menu. 

When: Sunday 28 February, 10am – 10pm. Men’s team will be in the hotel between 11am and 12pm, and the women’s team from 4pm till 5pm. Where: The Olympic Hotel, Paddington Cost: Free entry

ICYMI you need wine tinnies in your life this weekend. 

Paperboy | Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

The health benefits of Vietnamese food

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

Australia has exploded lately in a health and gourmet food craze. Fuelled by Tv shows like Masterchef, MKR and The Biggest Loser. Aussies are now learning to eat healthier foods and enjoy them.What most don’t know however is that there is already a succulent and healthy option for lunch and dinner in restaurants all over...

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Sydney’s Monthly Vegan Market Is Back For 2018

Sydney’s Monthly Vegan Market Is Back For 2018

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

Hold onto your kale, vegan friends, Sydney's monthly vegan market is back this Sunday for first market of 2018 and it’s got your animal-loving names allllllll over it. In case you weren’t already spoilt enough living in such a vegan-friendly city like Sydney, this monthly market is wall-to-wall cruelty-free goodies and TBH, it's just a damn good time.

Hosted by the legends at Vegan NSW (formerly The Vegan Society), this is a market with a difference. You better believe they're selling epic produce, beautiful home products and delish sweet treats, but everything is 100% vegan. Oh yes, finally you can go HAM without asking three thousand questions about the origin of your food. It’s exciting times people. 

Excited? Yeah, you should be. Head here for more details. 

The Details

What: Sydney Vegan Market When: Third Sunday of each month, 9am – 4pm.  Where: 100 Marrickville Road, Marrickville Cost: entry is a $5 donation

Here are all our other fave markets. 

Image credit: Unsplash

delicious. – The Ultimate Guide to Kensington Street

by Kensington Street @ Kensington Street

The Ultimate Guide to Sydney’s Kensington Street Dining Precinct delicious. by Sophie Kitchen, 14 July 2017 Here are our picks of Kensington Street’s many foodie offerings, writes Sophie Kitchen. Handpicked Cellars As the name suggests, Kensington Street’s very own cellar door ‘handpicks’ wines from over 21 regions in five countries, making it a must-visit one-stop [...]

Fighting on: behind the rise and fall of Miss Chu

Fighting on: behind the rise and fall of Miss Chu

The Sydney Morning Herald

It began on Market Street in Sydney's CBD out of desperation for something to eat and over seven years grew into one of the tastes of Sydney.

The Best Comedy Nights In Sydney

The Best Comedy Nights In Sydney

by Jessica Best @ The A List | The Urban List

If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly anywhere between a simple LOL to a full blown “HAHAHAHAAHA” (because everything in life is funny, obvs). So we’ve put together an epic list full of epic places to get your cackle on. Thank us later.

Here are the best comedy nights in Sydney!



You’ll never be stuck for a fun Friday antic again. You’ll find this super schmic, super fancy comedy lounge (kidding, there’s a white sheet for a backdrop) located inside Staves Brewery and good news, it’s only ten bucks to enter.

Giant Dwarf


Making people laugh since 2013 and (as you probs already know) this gem of a place was created by the Chaser team. And you’ll be pleased to know this mecca is still gloriously shabby and throws up top comedy acts on the reg.

Wolf Comedy


Yep, the last Thursday of every month should well and truly be spent at this legendary joint. You’ll find this beauty inside Knox Street Bar and we recommend at least four pairs of underwear (word on the street is you’ll laugh so hard you’ll wet your pants) #bettertobesafethansorry.

Crown Comedy


And when it’s free comedy, everything is effing hilarious. Head to The Louis Hotel for a 7:30pm start and just so you know, Happy Hour is from 5-7pm (which is no coincidence).

The Comedy Store

Fox Studios

These guys have literally showcased more international names than a Victoria Secret Show (don’t fact check us on that), so we can guarantee this bad boy will be worth your while. Depending on who’s performing, The Comedy Store could be open any day of the week so probably best you stay tuned on their social.

Cafe Lounge

Surry Hills

Because comedy is always THAT much better when you’re boozed up and it’s a Monday, right? You’ll find constant laughs running from Saturday through to that glorious first day of the week and heads up, people love this place so much they want to get married and buried here.

Coogee Bay Hotel


Yeah dudes, more free comedy (you’re welcome) for your Monday night. And we all know comedy by the beach is deffs an absolute cracker.

Enmore Theatre


You can find comedy at this classic joint every night other than Sunday (which is fine because we all know this day is reserved for reflecting on why the hell we thought tequila was a good idea, again).

Molotov Comedy


Two words: open mic. Yep, and we all know that’s the best type of LOLs around. The Two Wolves Cantina is where you want to be for student-friendly eats (think half dollar wings and a fiver for a beer) and straight up hilarious performances every Wednesday.

Eveleigh Hotel


The last Sunday of every month calls for free and funny AF comedy at The Eveleigh (plus you’ll want to jump onboard their Dungeness Crab pasta for dinner too). Relax, you’ll laugh off all the carbs later in the night anyway.

Newtown Hotel


Work your way up to the top floor of the hotel which is where you’ll ‘stumble’ across the iconic open mic comedy (which is locked into every Monday night). There’ll be around 8-10 comics plus a couple of feature spots for the pros.

The Harold Park Hotel


The Harold Park Hotel has been part of Sydney’s comedy scene since the 80s. Head down every Tuesday night to see why people have been coming since the dark ages to have a laugh and a chuckle at their live comedy show, ‘The Laugh Stand’. At the bargain price of $10 tickets on the door, together with two-for-one meal deals all night and $5 schooners, we know, you’re on your way.

Brass Monkey


Comedy hits the Brass Monkey around the first(ish) Wednesday of every month and we’ll have you know it’s curated and presented by the famous Sydney Comedy Store. We all know what that means, right? Hump Day antics are totally sorted.

Chippendale Hotel


Donned as one of the best places to watch comedy, The Chippo puts on quality stuff every Tuesday night without fail.

The Friend In Hand


Schedule in The Friend In Hand every Thursday at 8pm because this will no doubt become your go-to for a dose of comedians on the rise. From time to time, you’ll also find some seasoned pros blaring out epic one-liners and skits including Arj Barker, Ross Noble and Wil Anderson.

Looking for a bargain feed? There are Sydney's best two for one pub nights. 

Image credit: Bruno Cervera

Vietnamese Restaurants in Sydney Cabramatta Shopping ⋆

Vietnamese Restaurants in Sydney Cabramatta Shopping ⋆

While there are many Vietnamese restaurants in Sydney, the suburb of Cabramatta is their heartland. Come here for authentic, delicious Vietnamese food.

Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese Food


Vietnamese food Sydney

Authentic Recipes from Vietnam

by admin @ Retro Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant - North Sydney

Vietnamese cuisine is full of delicious, tasteful dishes. The variety and eccentricity of the ingredients used in them make them definitely interesting. People in Sydney appreciate and enjoy many dishes originally from this country. While there are many famous recipes that most food lovers know of, like Pho, there are many others that are not […]

50 Desserts You Must Try If You Live In Sydney

50 Desserts You Must Try If You Live In Sydney

by Mollie Maloney. @ The A List | The Urban List

Whether you’re a hot dessert person, a cold dessert person, an iced dessert person or a room temperature dessert person (there are more than you think), we have literally taken every temperature into consideration to round up everything your sweet tooth desires. 

Is it just us or has Sydney gotten sweeter? Our city is committed to making sure that dessert truly is the best meal of your day… or your month, or even your year. It seems like salted caramel is here to stay, and the motto of the minute is that if it’s not deconstructed, it's reconstructed. And we sure ain’t complaining because however you want to serve it, it’s always delicious.

Without further ado, here are 50 desserts you must try in Sydney. We think we’ve hit the sweet spot. How many can you tick off?      1.    The gelato burger at Cremeria De Luca.     2.    Nutella balls from Tella Balls Dessert Bar.     3.    The infamous strawberry watermelon cake from Black Star Pastry.     4.    Belgian waffles with mixed berry compote and, of course, maple syrup from Ironwood Coffee.      5.    The ritzy four-course set dessert menu from Koi Dessert Bar.     6.    Double fudge chocolate cookies from Kurtosh (drool-worthy).      7.    Stoner’s delight part three (doughnut ice cream, peanut dulce de leche, peanut & pretzel brittle, crispy bacon, mars bar brownie, passionfruit curd, potato chips and deep fried Nutella) at Ms. G’s.     8.    Sea salt soft serve from Aqua S.     9.    Baked ricotta cake from Papa Pasticceria.     10.    One Penny Red’s banana and salted caramel beignets with chocolate sauce.     11.    The salted caramel gelato at Messina. It isn’t exactly original, but would it be a Sydney dessert article without it? No, it wouldn’t.     12.     The most Instagram-able cakes ever from Andy Bowdy.     13.    Pistachio macaron, toasted oats, goats chevre sorbet, raspberry jam and pistachio chantilly Kensington St Social.     14.    The Pana pop at Pana Chocolate.     15.    Otto’s Coconut panna cotta, pineapple and passionfruit sorbet.     16.    Chocolate warm couverture ganache, hazelnut mousse, amarena, cherry sorbet BLACK Bar & Grill.     17.    Failed fig cheesecake made with burnt butter crumbs, strawberry wine, grape molasses from Thievery.     18.    Strawberry and champagne at Owl House. AKA spiced mascarpone cheese with cacao, pistachio, and strawberry sorbet.     19.    Coconut sago at The Morrison.     20.    Raw cacao mousse cake at Orchard Street Dispensary     21.    Popcorn flavoured macaron by Adriano Zumbo (trust us).     22.    Apple tart at Bar Machiavelli (okay, two).     23.    Hotcakes with caramelized banana, Earl Grey custard and maple popcorn at Left of Field.     24.    A brewnut from Brewtown Newtown because it’s a damn classic.     25.    Milky Lane’s red velvet churros bowl. ‘Nuff said.     26.    Knafeh Bakery’s signature dish, the sweet cheese semolina cake. Just try not to dance while waiting for your order, we dare you.     27.    Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese cheesecake has hopped to Sydney and you need it.      28.    ANY cake from Bourke Street Bakery, but particularly the flourless Belgian chocolate cake (oldie but a goodie).     29.    We only need the white chocolate sandwich with dulche de leche from 4Fourteen and you do too.     30.    Flower shaped gelato at i-creamy is everything your insta-feed needs.     31.    Dessert bao at Belly Bao, but especially the Golden Gaytime Bao.     32.    The crème brulee gelato from Ciccone and Sons is as authentic as creme brulee gelato can be TBH.     33.    The words ‘keep it simple stupid’ come to mind when eating the chocolate pot at Dead Ringer. Because it’s freaking good, okay.     34.    The matcha soft serve from Cho Cho San is juuuuust extra enough.     35.    The best snickers slider with chocolate, caramel and peanut nougat at Riley St Garage.     36.    A big jiggly stack of matcha hotcakes at LABLD.     37.    Ricotta e fiche by the Italian stallions at Rivareno.     38.    A fried chocolate doughnut at Smoke in Barangaroo #yas.     39.    Lamington waffles stacked with cream and fruit compote is a go at Paperboy because dessert for brunch is always a win.     40.    A big ol’ scoop of deep-fried ice cream from Sydney’s freshest food truck, Duo Duo Ice Cream.     41.    A Homer Simpson-looking doughnut from Donut Papi.     42.    The phattest Lindt chocolate brownie by our favourite Italians at Fourth Village in Mosman.     43.    Apple Crumble Gyoza with apple compote, vanilla custard, blackberry puree and crumble from the newbies at Sunset Sabi.     44.    Muffins, doughnuts and cookies the size of your head by Butter Boy Bakery; track his locations on his Instagram page.     45.    Salted caramel Danish from Mrs Jones the Baker at Freshy beach.     46.    The sweeter-than-sweet bagel from Smoking Gun (hint: it’s topped with honeycomb and Nutella).     47.    Banoffee Pie packed with banana, toffee, biscuit, cream and chocolate by the fabulous 3 Weeds in Rozelle.     48.    Violet cake from Cirrus in Barangaroo with blueberry and buckwheat.     49.    White peach dessert with yuzu, mandarin, passionfruit and meringue by the babes at North Bondi Fish.     50.    Mercado’s doughnuts and coffee. We’re talking Spanish doughnuts with coffee granita and custard (it’s fancier than you think).

Prefer crazy over the top burgers? Read this.

LABLD | Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

How to Find an Authentic Pho in Sydney

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

Today, you don’t have to pack your bags and travel all the way to Viet Nam just to satisfy your craving for pho. Vietnamese restaurants serving this mouth-watering dish can be found in different corners of the world, Australia included. However, over the last few years, restaurants have created their own versions of Pho. As...

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A Huge Outdoor Filipino BBQ Is Headed To Sydney

A Huge Outdoor Filipino BBQ Is Headed To Sydney

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

Prepare your bodies, people. A great big Filipino BBQ is headed for Sydney and, oooooh yeah, we are more than ready for this one. It’s all thanks to our mates at Hoy Pinoy who have decided to stick around for an entire month and TBH, it’s about time they brought their goods back to Sydney. 

If you’re unaccustomed to the Hoy Pinoy offerings, expect to be munching on some of the best Filipino street food you’ll taste, outside of the Philippines, that is. No snags here friends, this event will see their smoky grill slathered with marinated meats so you can feast on their signature skewers—think pork skewers drenched in banana ketchup and chicken skewers with a soy glaze. For your vegan friends, there will be a token salad that actually looks damn good—hello grilled pineapple goodness.

They know you’re a thirsty bunch, so they’ve got that covered too with San Miguel beer, Pinoy coladas (get it?) and other rum cocktails. Oh and desserts from Black Star Pastry, N2 and Gelato Messina. These guys clearly do nothing by halves. 

The Details

What:  Hoy Pinoy’s Sydney Summer BBQ When: Wednesday 7 February – Sunday 11 March, 12pm till late (10am till late on market days) Where: Entertainment Quarter Moore Park

Meanwhile, a whopper of a heatwave is headed for Sydney RN.

Image credit: Hoy Pinoy

This Camera Is Taking Your Travel Pics 360

This Camera Is Taking Your Travel Pics 360

by Simone Jovel @ The A List | The Urban List

We hate to break it to you guys. But a selfie is no longer enough to guarantee that double tap. Why? Because 360-degree photography is officially a thing and everything you thought you knew about your feed has changed. Enter: the GoPro 360-degree Fusion camera.

So why is this latest camera so great? Let us tell you. Fusion will capture everything, we’re talking 360-spherical content, that your single-lens cam simply can’t.

It’s also nice and easy to edit with Mobile OverCapture editing for iOS so that even your mum can now make epic travel vids. You can even re-frame and save old school-style videos from the 360-degree vid, we know. It’s (almost) too much.

GoPro Fusion has dropped a limited release and support for Android devices will be coming soon.

Go on. Your followers deserve this.

Still struggling to picture it? Check it out below.

Image credit: Sam Evans for GoPro

Live Music Is Happening On The MCA Terrace For Summer

Live Music Is Happening On The MCA Terrace For Summer

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

There’s no doubt the MCA terrace is a prime vantage point in Sydney (so it’s already a major winner in our books) but add live tunes by Baldwins and Sayah and you’ve got yourselves one heck of a double whammy. 

That’s exactly what you can expect from Sounds on the Terrace, who’ve collaborated with Young Henrys to ensure an endless supply of flowing local beer. Yeah, they’re good guys like that. 

If chilling out on the Sculpture Terrace sounds like an ideal summer situation to you, head here for more details but don’t bother trying to book tickets, this one is free and drop-ins are welcomed. 

The Details

What: Sounds on the Terrace When: Wednesday 7 February, 6:30-8:30pm Where: Sculpture Terrace, Museum of Contemporary Art Cost: Free

Meanwhile, wine tinnies are now a thing. 

Image credit: Supplied

Restaurant Find: Lalito NYC

by Rebecca Broderick @ Melting Butter

Downtown Manhattan is truly a mélange of people. From Canal Street to Chinatown to City Hall, the culture is so diverse that few restaurants reflect its dynamism in quite the same way as Lalito NYC. Chef Gerardo Gonzalez opened Lalito in the fall of 2016, capturing the indiscriminate environment of his neighborhood and channeling it […]

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Satisfying Meal

by admin @ Retro Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant - North Sydney

With a plethora of restaurants in North Sydney to choose from, how do you decide where to eat? For your dining out pleasure, have you considered Vietnamese food? Vietnamese food is a popular choice among North Sydney natives. They have discovered the authentic dining experience of Vietnamese food and now it’s your turn. Look forward […]



Rolls Vietnam

Vietnamese pork roll in Sydney. Banh Mi in Sydney

Sydney Open: What’s On, Places to Visit, Passes

by elle @

Each year, on the first weekend in November, Sydney opens its buildings – historic, important, trailblazing or still in progress – for us to explore. So on with the walking shoes and let’s go. Hundreds of volunteers join Sydney Living Museums staff to guide, answer questions, and generally help thousands of visitors to over 60 […]

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Muriel’s Wedding The Musical Is Returning For Another Season

Muriel’s Wedding The Musical Is Returning For Another Season

by Simone Jovel @ The A List | The Urban List

If you’ve found yourself sans ticket to the smash-hit musical, Muriel’s Wedding, you’re in luck. The cast and crew of Muriel’s Wedding are gearing up to do it all again in July 2019, and it’s definitely no coincidence.

Fans have been raving about this one since its Sydney opening back in November, which means anyone late to the party (*raises hands*) has struggled to get their mits on tickets this season.

2019 will see the show take to the stage at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre, so you can bring all your mates, and tickets go on sale next month. 

Image credit: Muriel's Wedding

Sydney Hotspot Find: Vietnamese Food at the Kirribilli Markets - Melting Butter

Sydney Hotspot Find: Vietnamese Food at the Kirribilli Markets - Melting Butter

Melting Butter

VIETNAMESE STAND AT KIRRIBILLI MARKETS, KIRRIBILLI This little piggy went to the Kirribilli Markets A favorite weekend past time of mine is hitting the markets. The fresh air, fresh food and knick-knacks seems to slow down the pace. One of my favorite markets is the Kirribilli Art and Design market, because of the art, design, …

FYI Sydney’s About To Cop A Monster 5-Day Heatwave

FYI Sydney’s About To Cop A Monster 5-Day Heatwave

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

Take a seat, fan yourselves down and settle in with a cold drink team. A five-day heatwave is about to hit Sydney and if you think you’re hot today, you’re about to become A LOT more shweaty. Take another sip of the ice-cold water (or, you know, beer) because it’s all about to get a teeny bit worse. 

According to the psychic weather people at the BOM (that’s the Bureau of Meteorology to those firmly not in the know) it’s going to get so damn hot that the good people of Penrith will be schvitzing their way through five days of 40-degree heat. We’re talking about a peak temp of 43 for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT

Now, onto the solution portion of this conversation. It’s definitely time to start playing nice with anyone who has a pool, air conditioning or a giant freezer filled with ice blocks. You got this team—see you on the other side and as always, please look after the more vulnerable people in your community. Seriously. 

Remember that monster super cell storm that happened last week? 

Image credit: Adam Krowitz

Forget Tinnies, Wine In A Can Has Arrived In Australia

Forget Tinnies, Wine In A Can Has Arrived In Australia

by Simone Jovel @ The A List | The Urban List

Is it just us, or does nothing say ‘Straya quite like these four words: wine in a can? Well team, listen up because wine in a can is finally here and your next beach party-picnic-BBQ just went up a level.

Finally, Aussie boozers (read: wine drinkers) have been given what they damn deserve. No more cup holders with stakes jabbed into uneven ground, no more awkwardly placing your wine bottle in the esky to cool your chardy in the sun, no more corks and all of the convenience.

BWS are the ones to thank, with tipples like pinot gris, savvy b and chardy from Crafters Union, and even a French rosè (!!) by Le Chat M Pierre sitting pretty in a freaking can. We should mention, there’s even a legit Italian prosecco. Trust us, we’re as excited as you are.

Wine in a can (and prosecco, champagne, okay we will calm down now) are available from, well, this weekend.

Speaking of 'Straya, how's your slang?

Image credit: BWS

You Can Now Play Hide & Seek On A Huge Cruise Ship

You Can Now Play Hide & Seek On A Huge Cruise Ship

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

Just quietly, Australia’s biggest game of hide and seek is about to go down on the harbour and yes, we are talking about you embracing your inner kidult on a huge cruise ship. We know your competitive side is itching to come out right now, so listen up team, here are all the juicy deets.

The cruise ship is the biggest in Australia and features things like bumper cars, a rock-climbing wall, an iFly sky-diving tunnel, and FlowRider surf simulator so it’s basically one big game in and of itself. On the day, there’ll be two games going down—one for adults over 15-years-old and another for kids between eight and 14 years old. You’ll have to track down the best ever hiding spot and the last person to be found could score $10,000. Yep, 10 big ones. 

So who’ll be looking for you? Well, the seekers are made of an elite team; specifically, Australia’s national Hide and Seek Team, The Nascondingos. They placed eighth in the 2017 annual Word Championships in Italy and why the hell didn’t we know this was a legit career choice?

To enter the draw (yeah it’s basically like a giant game of bingo as well) to play on the cruise ship, head here

The Details

What: Australia’s Biggest Game of Hide and Seek When: 18 February Where: Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas, Sydney Harbour Cost: Free entry, entries close at 11.59pm on Monday 5 February so get on it. 

Meanwhile, Sydney just scored a late-night dumpling spot

Image credit: Royal Caribbean

Become a VIP

by ilovepho @ I Love Pho

Become our VIP guest in 2 easy steps: First, enjoy 8 meals* and your 9th dish is FREE! (1st time) Loyalty Card FrontLoyalty Card Back Second, enjoy 8 meals* and your 9th dish is absolutely FREE! (2nd time) + VIP card. VIP card allows you to enjoy your glass of wine every time you dine with us. Ask for your Loyalty Card next time you visit us. See you soon.

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La Mint | French Vietnamese Restaurant | Sydney

La Mint | French Vietnamese Restaurant | Sydney

La Mint | French Vietnamese Restaurant | Sydney

Take a restaurant from France, add Saigon spice, mix it up with Sydney spunk and you have La Mint - Sydney's only French Vietnamese Fusion Restaurant

Where To Go Out On A Sunday Night In Sydney

Where To Go Out On A Sunday Night In Sydney

by Sophia Richardson @ The A List | The Urban List

Sundays used to be a night of pain, agony and despair, as you mentally prepare for the coming week of work. But hold the phone team, because this is no longer the case. From cheap drinks to live music—Sunday nights are officially the new Saturday (as voted by us, duh). 

We’ve found a bunch of drinking holes, restaurants, pubs and venues that will have you wishing Sunday night was every night.

To Drink

Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice 


With a lengthy and on point beer and pizza menu, Sunday’s are sorted at Frankie’s with live music from 4pm every Sunday. We can all agree pizza = life, but if you fancy yourself a bit of a beer wizard (yes, this exists), then Frankie’s has got to be your go-to joint for a cheeky beer (or 7) this Sunday arvo. 

The Dolphin Hotel

Surry Hills

From 5pm to 7pm each Sunday, The Dolphin Hotel sports their famous Aperitivo Hour with spirits, wine, beer and snacks at just $5 to $7 bucks, prices that work oh-so-well for us. BTW If you love cheap drinks, become a regular because The Dolphin’s Aperitivo Hour runs Sunday to Thursday (and we’re obsessed). 

Hotel Palisade

Millers Point

Sunday sessions only have one real mandatory in our eyes. Okay, two. Drinks (duh) and a damn good view. Be it the beach or, in this case, The Bridge, as is the case with Hotel Palisade. Head straight up to Henry Deane (it’s open until 10pm) because this plush bar serves great cocktails and share plates to match. 

To Eat 

The Tilbury


If you accidentally got #rekt this weekend and are in need of a hearty meal to fix your broken self, look no further than The Tilbury for a home-cooked (yet fancy AF) roast this Sunday night. The menu changes from month to month, with pork loin, leg of lamb and striploin all up for grabs with sides that will fix you up in no time—crispy crackling, cauliflower cheese, roasted pumpkin, Yorkshire pudding and a whole lotta potatoes. Hangover officially cured. 

Hotel William


Every Sunday you’ll find $10 burgers at Hotel William, which may just be what your body needs at the end of the weekend. At $10 for a burger, you might as well get yourself 2 or 3—think of it as a pre-winter bulk, amirite? 

To Sunday Sesh 

The Newport


The Newport may just be one of the most Instagramable venues ever, so spending your Sunday arvo here with live tunes is advised. 

Cork & Chroma

Surry Hills

We’ll go ahead and say this isn’t technically a Sunday sesh, but it does involve wine, painting and more wine on a Sunday night (our kind of thing). Bring a bottle of vino and enjoy a night of painting in a group of fellow wine lovers and amateur artists. Booking ahead at Cork & Chroma is a must to ensure a spot.

Coogee Pavilion


Don’t be stuck on your couch this Sunday arvo when you could be sippin’ cider on Coogee Pavilion’s rooftop with DJs like Linda Marigliano and Client Liaison. There is literally no time more perfect to get your boogie on in the Sydney sunshine, and what makes life even sweeter is the fact these Sunday sessions are totally free—well those 4 espresso martinis aren’t exactly… But entry is. 

To Dance 

LazyBones Lounge


Every fourth Sunday of the month, Lazybones in Marrickville is where you can get your jazzy side in touch with a free musical soiree. Sip on a cocktail and enjoy Judy Bailey’s Jazz Connection, a collection of young jazz musicians performing for free, you heard us, FREE. Start whipping out those jazz hands, friends. 

Or just keep it chill with Sydney's best food trucks

Hotel Palisade | Image credit: Nikki To

10 Wellness Trends You’ll Be Seeing In 2018

10 Wellness Trends You’ll Be Seeing In 2018

by Rosie Gregory @ The A List | The Urban List

Wellness—no longer a term reserved for the alternative health crew or fitness fanatics. In 2018 wellness is all about accessibility, longevity, future proofing your health and taking genuine care of yourself, holistically. As much for the high-powered CEO as the time pushed mum, these trends indicate a shift towards choosing to nourish the mind, body and spirit to increase energy, revitalise stressed out bodies, hack productivity and move towards a more effective society.

Here are 10 of the wellness trends that will be bringing you to all new levels of healthy and well in the year ahead. 

High Tech Plant Food

As plant-based diets become increasingly mainstream, the tech world is responding by bringing their scientific swagger to upgrade, manipulate and advance our veggie ingredients. Whether you're vegan, plant-based or just trying to lift your leafy green intake, this tech isn’t just changing the game, it's creating a whole new frontier, with production techniques set to revolutionise our fresh produce.

From new varieties of nut mylks and non-dairy indulgences (move over smashed avo on toast, avocado ice-cream is coming), to sashimi grade “not tuna” made from tomatoes and “bleeding” vegan burgers. Eating your 2&5 has never been more exciting.

Super Powders And The Rise Of Collagen

The convenience backed trend that began to emerge in 2017 will be fully flourishing in 2018, with super powders making holistic health more accessible than ever before. The real MVP (that’s Most Valuable Powder) will be collagen—one of the cleanest sources of protein, that not only fights back against wrinkles and boosts skin and hair health, but also assists in gut healing.

From collagen peptide to gelatin and bone broths, collagen products are sweeping the popularity ranks.  For Australian made and owned brand, Nutra Organics, the expanding knowledge of the health benefits of collagen and gelatin supplements has seen sales triple just within the past five months.

Closely following are adaptogens, helping to boost mental stamina, soothe stress and balance hormones, these ancient herbs will be gaining widespread acceptance making them the new pantry staples. From energy boosting maca, to adaptogenic ashwagandha and antioxidant loaded cacao, there’s no shortage of use for them—whizz them into your smoothies, add to your pancake mix, sprinkle on your porridge, but expect to see super powders everywhere!  


If you were a big fan of the turmeric and anti-inflammation trend of 2017, then you will be obsessed with Moringa. This natural leaf powder supplement, derived from a small tree found in India, Pakistan and Nepal, has been used for generations in eastern cultures as a traditional remedy and is set to become the biggest superfood of 2018 thanks to its highly powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and tissue protective properties.

The bright green powder is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with protein, iron, Vitamin A, E, C and calcium, which is touted to help fight free-radicals, lower inflammation and protect the liver. 

Digital Detox

Taking time to unplug and disconnect from the technological world will rise in priority in 2018. With smartphone addiction becoming a reality and IRL connections shifting up the popularity ranks, expect to see a move in trends to get you to put down the tech and disconnect from the Wi-Fi.

Ironically created to help connect us, technology obsession is now leading to increased stress, anxiety and isolation from constantly being powered up and attached. Digi-detox weekends, switching on the OOO and heading offline for timed periods will become a new norm. A welcome sigh of relief is expected from insta-boyfriends everywhere who can finally eat their food while it's hot. 

Self-Care Everyday

It’s time to upgrade from #SelfCareSunday—2018 is all about embracing self-care rituals every day, as we begin to understand that through actively taking care of ourselves, we are better equipped to support our families, friends, colleagues and community. Despite its rep to be all about face masks, this marks a shift to understand that “me-time” isn’t selfish, or a luxury, but a necessity.

Self-care will evolve this year to incorporate healthy everyday rituals that help to keep our minds and body’s balanced, energised and revitalized. First step? Get clearing that schedule and unapologetically unplug.

Digital Fitness

Not satisfied with just taking over our schedules and wardrobes (praise the #athleisure trend), fitness will now be taking over your home with the digital fitness scene and streaming services set to explode in 2018 and beyond. With better technology, access to world-class trainers, and the digital capture of that feeling of being in your fave workout class, all without leaving the comfort of your living room, the fitness business is now globally scaling to reach more people than ever before.

From top international studios offering their own individual streaming services of classes and sessions, to streaming platforms offering an array of workout formats and even live sessions you can tune into, excuses of “you can’t get there” soon fly out the window. 


No longer just reserved for the tech crew, we are taking to hacking to a whole new level—to our health. To counteract our, at times, less than optimal healthy lifestyles, biohacking is the way forward to provoke better health.

From the standards of bulletproof coffee spiked with MCT oil, intermittent fasting, ketogenic and paleo diets, expect to see new waves of biohacking with cycle syncing (tracking and hacking your menstrual cycle) and nootropics (supplements that reduce brain fog and stress levels) emerging onto the hacker scene. It’s all about adapting and optimising biology to work better, not harder, for you. 

Infra-Red Saunas

While not a new invention, one gaining serious cache in 2018 will be the rise of infra-red saunas. Unlike a traditional sauna, the infra-red variety use infra-red wavelengths to heat the body on a cellular level, rather than blasting warm or steamy air into the space around you.

From athletic recovery, relief of muscular aches and reduced joint pain, to detoxification and relaxation, the holistic, wellness benefits of infrared saunas are bringing in the trend seekers and performance seeking fitness fiends to sweat it out, as they chill out. 

Embrace The Spiritual Side

If you think being spiritual is just checking out your horoscope in the weekly mag, expect 2018 to bring a shift to the woo-woo side with a greater exploration of spirituality in modern life. As meditation and mindfulness integrate fully into the mainstream, there will be greater conversation into syncing to lunar cycles, shifts to a higher consciousness and vibrational energy.

The trend doesn’t stop at the expansion of mindful movement centres and turning inwards. Expect to see crystals everywhere, chakra yoga classes, a growth in alternative healing modalities such as Reiki, salt lamps and faux sheepskin rugs in the home décor aisle and sage burning rituals to cleanse energy. It’s all about dialling into the higher realms to manifest and power the year ahead. 

Natural Beauty

Not only are we learning what we put inside our body affects our health, but so too does what we put on our body. Natural beauty and skincare will propel forward in 2018 as it climbs towards becoming an industry sector worth $20 million by 2020. The clean, organic products—that you could literally eat—are making their way into our beauty aisles, led by home grown brands Sukin, Mokosh and MooGoo.

All passionately share the message that the skin, our largest organ, absorbs a portion of all we put onto it, which, if packed full on hidden chemicals or “fragrance” can cause havoc on our systems. From natural deodorants (that actually work!) to moisturisers, make up and skincare, no longer will natural beauty have a lingering odd smell, it will be all about non-toxic, high quality and safe ingredients that deliver maximum results.

Want more? Check out the lazy person's guide to mindfulness.

Image credit: Marion Michele on Unsplash

Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney Coastal Walk

by elle @

For a few weeks in October and November Sculpture by the Sea turns one of Sydney’s top coastal walks into a busy sculpture park. Every year thousands of people stroll the coast between Bondi Beach and Tamarama  admiring, or just having fun viewing, the year’s crop of new sculptures. Now more than 20 years old, […]

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Savoring Delicious New Food

by admin @ Retro Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant - North Sydney

Many people don’t realize that when they visit Australia that they will have the opportunity to indulge in Vietnamese food. It isn’t difficult to find a Vietnam restaurant in Australia. There is a heavy Asian influence on food in Australia. Step in and experience traditional recipes that have been handed down for generations. When you […]

Fat Noodle

Fat Noodle

The Star

Check out Luke Nguyen's fantastic Fat Noodle restaurant to enjoy some of the most outstanding Asian food in Sydney without leaving The Star's casino floor.

What is the technique of eating pho?

by admin @ Retro Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant - North Sydney

You want to eat a good pho in Sydney? Many people who love pho ought to have the best technique for eating these stuffs. It is possible to eat the best pho in Sydney. Eating pho involves having the right techniques. At the point when the dish turns out, don’t race to include anything. Stop […]

Where To Party In Sydney This Australia Day

Where To Party In Sydney This Australia Day

by Mathew Trenear @ The A List | The Urban List

Everyone knows there ain’t no party like an Australia Day party. And this year, it’s all about stepping away from the Barbie and letting someone else bring the long weekend vibes.

From demolishing the shrimp on the barbie at a waterside hotspot (#Sydney) to having more than a few frothies with your mates in a beer garden, we have got you covered. Here is everything happening in Sydney this Australia Day.

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

Watsons Bay

Do yourself a favour and spend the day at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel this Australia Day—because if there’s one thing they know about, it’s how to throw a public holiday party. Not only will you have a seat by the water, but their infamous Beach Club will be in full party mode with DJ's spinning Aussie classics well into the evening. There’ll also be epic national eats flying out of the kitchen like lamb shank pie with chips plus prawn and lobster linguine. More details here

When: 26 January from 9am Cost: Entry is free

The Royal Paddington


Paddington’s Royal Hotel is hosting an Australia Day bonanza that will carry you from dawn till dusk. Kick off the big day with an Aussiefied bottomless brunch on the Veranda Level, which will see damper, pavlova, lamingtons and vegemite scrolls magically appearing on your table. After the sun goes down, head up the rooftop to the open-air dancefloor where we can already see you busting a move. Cocktails are mandatory, especially when they are only $12 so grab the squad and head to The Royal for Australia Day this year.

When: 26 January from midday Cost: Bottomless Brunch: $75, Rooftop: Entry is free

The Glenmore Rooftop

The Rocks

Celebrating Australia Day on a rooftop pretty much guarantees you a good time and as far as rooftops go in Sydney, they don’t get much better than The Glenmore. Jugs of beer and Pimm’s will be on offer all day long so get there early to nab a front row seat and take in the sweeping views of your favourite harbour.

When: 26 January Cost: Entry is free

Australia Day @ The Farm

Bella Vista

If you want to go full ‘Straya it’s time to head for The Hills. Bella Vista Farm Park is hosting an Australia Day celebration like no other with sheep shearing, blacksmithing, whip cracking as well as working dog demonstrations and live entertainment. All your favourite food trucks will be stopping by but not before you hit the sausage sizzle.

When: 26 January from 10am Cost: Entry is free

The Woollahra


Australia Day and house parties are pretty much a match made in celebration heaven—you know we’re right. Lucky for you The Woollahra Hotel is throwing one hell of a backyard BBQ this year so you don’t need to worry about the clean up at your place this year. This true blue backyard bash has all of the necessary things to make your day the best it possibly can be. We’re talking about lamb on the spit, Pimm’s and beer towers (!!), backyard cricket and DJs from 4pm.

When: January 26th from midday Where: The Woollahra Hotel Cost: Entry is free

Level Seven


Rooftop views, $6 beers and meat pies—just try to name a better combo. No really, we’ll wait. The team at Level Seven is hosting an epic party this Australia Day long weekend, complete with all the classic Aussie eat. Think pork and fennel sausage rolls and enough bevs to fill up Darling Harbour; there will be no excuses for not having an absolute blast. Grab your swimmers and unwind with a rosé spritz this weekend, we dare you.

When: Thursday 25 – Sunday 28 January Where: Level Seven, Hotel Primus Sydney Cost: Free entry

Q Dining

Circular Quay

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated Australia Day, listen in. Q Dining is putting on an Aussie-inspired three-course meal, with a complimentary glass of wine or beer, because would it really be Australia Day without a little tipple? The answer is no. You’ll dig in to a Flinders Island lamb rack with lemon myrtle, fennel and baby carrots while looking out over our way-too-pretty harbour.

When: 26 January from 6pm Cost: $109 per person

The Star Sydney


Your fave long weekend of the year is already here and The Star Sydney wants to make sure you’re doing it right, by bringing Tim Omaji. With free entry for everyone, you’re guaranteed good times–by that we mean you’ll stuff yourself silly with vegemite chicken wings at 24/7 Sports Bar, or take down the all-Australia-everything buffet at Harvest Buffet (we’re talking pies, barramundi and lamingtons, people!). Get all the deets here.

When: Friday 26 January – Sunday 28 January Where: The Star Sydney Cost: Get all the deets here

Cruise Bar

Darling Habour

Head to Cruise Bar for a 10/10 view of the brand new Circular Quay fireworks this Australia Day. It’s the first time The Quay has put on a musical fireworks display so where else would you want sit back and soak up the all Aussie vibes? The cricket will be on the big screen and there’ll be live entertainment from midday. On the food front, you can expect a BBQ and lamingtons, because it’s unacceptable to eat anything other than these on Australia Day #fact. Be sure to arrive early and park yourself in prime position.

When: 26 January from 11am Cost: Free Entry

Endeavour Tap Rooms

The Rocks

Rise and shine this Australia Day team. Endeavour Tap Rooms is throwing an epic Oz Day feast—starting with the Aussie burger which is piled high with all the classic. Yeah, we’re talking about a runny fried egg, beetroot, sweet, sweet bacon, melted cheese, tomato, crispy lettuce, pickled onion, tomato relish, mustard and mayonnaise. It’s condiment city and we’re loving it. Wash it all down with their Australian Brew which is made with lemon myrtle, Davidson's Plum and zingy finger lime. Just get there.

When: 26 January, from 10am Cost: Free entry

The Butler

Potts Point

Operating per usual, this is perf spot to gather the squad and watch the day pass. Jugs of rosé sangria will definitely be on our table plus all of the share plates we can get our hands on. Kick off the day with a plate of rock oysters with pickled cucumber, lime and Guajillo oil—it’s a must.

When: 26 January Cost: Free entry


Circular Quay

Sitting smack bang in the middle of all the Australia Day action (AKA Darling Harbour), Hacienda has one of the best views of the Aussie Day fireworks. Live the luxe life as you look out of The Quay and have more than a couple cheeky cocktails. Our pick of the lot is the the chairman’s plane, made with Chairman’s Reserve spiced rum, Aperol, pink grapefruit and lime juice. We’ll take four, thanks.

When: 26 January, 10am – 10pm Cost: minimum $100 spend for table bookings

The Botanist


The Botanist will be open all Australia Day long weekend with every delish thing you love about them on offer. They’ll be serving up delish eats all day long and they’ve even thrown a few specials on the menu especially (hint: one of them involves kangaroo). Plus, did we mention cocktail jugs? They’ll have those too.

When: 26 January Cost: Free entry

Coogee Pavilion 


As we said, Australia Day on a rooftop is obviously a no-brainer and you know Coogee Pav has the goods. They’re slinging prawn sandwiches with potato scallops, leamington ice cream sandwiches and $10 glasses of Chandon. 

When: 26 January Cost: Free entry

The Newport


If you’re wanting #ultimatesydneygoals this Friday then kick it all off with yoga at The Newport (9.30am - 10.30am), SUP! Fridays from 10.30am - 11.30am and later in the evening (AKA after 4pm) there’ll be live entertainment. You’re already there, aren’t you?

When: 26 January, alllllll day long Cost: Free entry

Prefer to spend your weekend on the couch? Check out this month's must-watch.

Image credit: Coogee Pavilion

Sydney’s Best Waterside Running Spots

Sydney’s Best Waterside Running Spots

by Sophia Richardson @ The A List | The Urban List

Running. You either love it or you hate it. If you’re firming hanging out in the hate camp, that’s all about to change because we’re about to introduce you to Sydney’s top five waterside running spots.  Whether you’re easing into it with a cheeky 5km or you're after a sweat-you-ass-off 10km, well, we have that too. Now really is the time to put your obscene activewear collection to good use—here are the best waterside running tracks in Sydney. 

The Bay Run

Inner West, NSW

Unsurprisingly, this 7km run covers the running through alllll of the parks. Think Rodd Point, Montague Park, Brett Park, King George Park, Callan Park, Leichardt Park and Robson Park—yeah, we weren’t kidding. You can jump in and out of this one at any point depending on your endurance or take on the whole track for a moderate run. Thanks to a flat path, you can bring along a pram and a doggo (some skilled runners would do both), but we’ll leave that challenge up to you.  Distance: 7km Grade: Easy

Manly To North Head


When you know there a swim waiting for you at the end of a run, it really makes the whole thing a lot easier. Trust us. That’s why the Manly to North Head run should be high on your run bucket list right now. You’ll start at Manly Beach, take a cruise jog through Shelly beach before taking on the hill run to North Head (your buns of steel will thank you for this one).  Distance: 10km Grade: Easy/Moderate

North Sydney Pool To Boy Charlton Pool


When the hot (read: sweltering) summer heat sets in, this is the run you need to do. You’ll be pool hopping from North Sydney Pool to Boy Charlton Pool with a chill run through Bradfield park and allllllll the way to a little Sydney icon called the Harbour Bridge. From here it’s past the Opera House through the Botanic Gardens and straight on to Woolloomooloo. FYI there’s wine waiting for you at the end at one of the many local restaurants and pubs. You’re sold, aren’t you? Distance: 7km Grade: Easy/Moderate

Collaroy To Long Reef Headland 


The northern beaches are filled with breathtaking waterside views and this run from Collaroy to Long Reef is no different. As you leave Collaroy you’ll end up on Long Reef Headland and just quietly, the views here are 10/10 and this is your officially warning to take a cheeky snap along the way. The run is basically a clean loop so you’ll finish where you started. AKA finish with a dip at Collaroy beach and avoid the battle of getting back to the car post-run. Distance: 6km Grade: Easy/Moderate

Blackwattle Bay Loop


This moderate run will have you running across the Anzac bridge and down through Blackwattle Bay where you will be running right on the waters edge. Despite being a bit loud over the Anzac bridge, the view is totally worth it. The run isn’t too difficult, just 5km in total, and the course is mostly flat—making this an ideal spot for a casual run.  Distance: 5km Grade: Easy 

Here's a great way to recover from muscle pain and reach a state of functional zen. 

Image credit: Dev Dodia

How to Get Delicious Vietnamese Cuisine in North Sydney

by admin @ Retro Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant - North Sydney

Restaurants in North Sydney are varied in their cuisine. Anything that you are hungry for can be found. Whether you live in Sydney or are on vacation, there is a meal to fill your plate. If you are looking for Vietnamese food, even that can be had. Authentic Vietnamese food can be found at a […]

Things to do during the Lunar New year

by admin @ Retro Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant - North Sydney

Gong xi fa cai! Or Kung hei fat choy! Welcome, the year of the fire monkey. Like the Korean Seollal, Vietnamese Tet, Mongolian Tsagaan Sarand, Tibetan Losar, the Chinese New year or the lunar new year farewells winter and the year gone by and rings in spring and the fresh year with family and friends. […]

Minh Hai Restaurant

Minh Hai Restaurant

Minh Hai Restaurant

Minh Hai Vietnamese Restaurant Sydney

We Know Where To Catch Ryan Gosling This Valentine’s Day

We Know Where To Catch Ryan Gosling This Valentine’s Day

by Chloe Sputore @ The A List | The Urban List

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or hate it there’s one thing we can all agree on, and that’s that Ryan Gosling is an absolute babe. So this Valentine’s Day the legends from American Express Openair Cinemas in Bondi are bringing his charm, wit and washboard abs to the big screen for your viewing pleasure at a screening of Crazy Stupid Love (AKA the best romcom of all time).

Gates open at 6pm on Wednesday 14 February and you’ll want to get your tickets quick smart because they include a free glass of Giesen Wines bubbly on arrival for the first happy few and Byron Bay Cookie Co’s delicious lemon and macadamia nut heart-shaped shortbread.

The Salt Meats Cheese gang will be churning out delicious Italian eats, so be sure to wear those stretchy pants, and the bar will be serving all of the summer classics, like Aperol Spritz, craft beers from 4Pines, Giesen Wines and fruity frosé.

If your Valentine this year is your dog, you can bring them along while treating them to a pawfect picnic platter and a canine couch while you’re there, too.

Plus, those lucky ducks out there with an American Express credit card are welcome to enjoy the VIP experience in the American Express Invites Lounge. You’ll get your own lounger, a cushion, blanket and tasty bites, not to mention 15% off your ticket when you pay with your AMEX card.

Sounds like the perfect date night to us! Click here to book.

Image credit: Raffi Asdourian

Editor’s note: This article is proudly sponsored by American Express Openair Cinemas and endorsed by The Urban List. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. Click here for more information on our editorial policy.

We are open during Easter Holiday

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

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Restaurant Find: Oka NYC

by Rebecca Broderick @ Melting Butter

If you need to find refuge and calm amongst the commotion of Murray Hill, slide into Oka NYC – a new modern izakaya by Chef John McCarthy. Hoping to balance the essence of the izakaya with innovative cuisine, Oka’s food reflects the ease of the environment; shifting with the seasons, complimenting the sakes offered, and […]

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A Latin Festival Is Coming To Sydney

A Latin Festival Is Coming To Sydney

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

There is literally nothing we love more that day drinking, street eats, and a side of culture. So when we heard the Inner West Fiesta – A Latin Cultural Festival was coming back to Sydney, we were well prepped for a day in the sun, with mates and aaaaaaall of the South American, Brazilian food and even some Central American food thrown in for added deliciousness. 

Expect everything from dance and music performances on the stage, to markets and cultural demonstrations. We’re talking tacos, empanadas, arepas, burritos and more. Our recommendation is that you head down, grab yourself some seriously delicious (and authentic AF) snacks, settle in on the grass to watch the show, and then (obviously) make your way over to the market stalls. Sounds fab, no?

For all the deets and to book, head here

The Details 

What: Inner West Fiesta – A Latin Cultural Festival When: 28 January Where: Sydney Portugal Community Club, 100 Marrickville Road, Marrickville Cost: $11.20 (children $6.20)

Here are even more things to do this month.

Image credit: Unsplash

Celebrate Easter by Savoring Delicious Seafood!

by admin @ Retro Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant - North Sydney

Satiate your palate this Easter! Indulge into the scrumptious seafood offered at Retro Saigon. No celebration is complete without delectable cuisine and this is what exactly we provide you in the most classy style. We offer simply irresistible Easter seafood menu for all you seafood lovers out there looking for an excuse to treat their […]

Paddington Markets Sydney: Food Craft Fashion

by elle @

Each of Sydney’s markets has its own personality, and Paddington markets Sydney is really good for quality clothes, craft and jewellery. Things for sale are either designed and made by the stallholders or curated by them, by and large from artisanal sources. You’re very unlikely to find junk. Nor do I recall seeing second hand […]

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The Straits Times – Sydney’s Kensington Street

by Kensington Street @ Kensington Street

Restaurateurs from Singapore take on Sydney’s Kensington Street with new eateries The Straits Times by Eunice Quek, 30 July 2016 Kensington Street, located on the eastern edge of the A$2-billion (S$2-billion) mixed-use urban village - Central Park in Chippendale, Sydney - is shaping up to be a foodie enclave with a Singaporean flavour. The hip [...]

Yen's Vietnamese, Waterloo

Yen's Vietnamese, Waterloo

Not Quite Nigella

As Queen Viv is a regular she knows the menu well and suggests that we order the quail. Marinated and crispy fried so that you can practically eat the whole thing and nibble on the larger bones, you squeeze some lemon juice in the salt and pepper mixture and then dip the quail in. There is an explosion of flavours, salt, tangy and soy and we wish we had ordered the serving of six.

Yeasty Boy | Neil Perry Just Launched A Vegemite Burger

Yeasty Boy | Neil Perry Just Launched A Vegemite Burger

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

Ever tucked into a meaty cheeseburger and thought, ‘This thing could use more yeast’?

Well, Neil Perry and the crew from Vegemite are here to answer your prayers. They’ve just collab’d to produce Australia’s first ever Vegemite burger.

Let’s break this thing down. It’s a top-quality Burger Project beef burger, which means Cape Grim patties, gooey cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce and mayo, sandwiched between a pillowy soft Bread Top milk bun. The final touch? A schmear of black, salty, yeasty Vegemite.

“Vegemite is synonymous with our Australian way of life,” Neil Perry says. “Its unique taste, smeared on a soft milk bun, alongside our premium beef patty, has resulted in an intense depth of flavour we think burger aficionados will love.”

Want to get your mitts on these bad boys? They’re launching at Perry’s Australian Open pop-up today, followed by all Burger Project stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The promo lasts until 28 January.

Is it just us or are Vegemite getting seriously creative with their collabs? This is the latest in a long line of weird, spin-off creations. Who can forget the questionable Vegemite Cadbury experiment, or last year’s nightmare Vegemite ice-creams...

The Details

What: Vegemite Burger Where: Burger Project stores in Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney When: Available till 28 January For more info, click here

Image credit: Burger Project 

Moonlight Cinema Is Hosting A Spice Girls Sing-A-Long Sesh

Moonlight Cinema Is Hosting A Spice Girls Sing-A-Long Sesh

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

Get ready to ‘zig-a-zig-ah’, people. Moonlight Cinemas has just announced possibly the greatest sing-a-long of all time.

It’s all to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Spice World (aka Richard E. Grant at his bloody finest). Moonlight will be screening Spice World on Friday 9 February, and audience members are encouraged to sing-a-long as much as possible, regardless of actual musical talent.

Dressing up is optional. But if you have a spare Union Jack bodycon dress lying around, feel free to go nuts.

As always with Moonlight, make sure to pack snacks, blankets and pillows. Because even a 90-minute movie can seem really long when you’re sitting on your elbows. If you’re feeling super extra, Gold Grass is always a good call.

Say you’ll be there.

The Details

Where: Belvedere Amphitheatre, Centennial Park When: Friday 9 February For tix, book here.  

All that girl power really works up an appetite. Good thing Neil Perry just created a Vegemite burger

Image credit: Spice World

Kate Hudson Is Hosting A Kick Arse Women’s Lunch

Kate Hudson Is Hosting A Kick Arse Women’s Lunch

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

There are a few perks that come with living in one of Australia’s main cities. And one of those perks is when people like Kate freaking Hudson decide to skip over to Oz (and specifically, your home town) for a handful of kick arse women’s lunches. Well team, that’s exactly what’s happening this February. 

Yep, this mother of two, best-selling author, Golden Globe-winner and fiercely inspiring woman is headed for our shores and you know you want to be there. You can thank Business Chicks for bringing her over and that means she’ll be sitting down with Business Chicks’ Founder and Global CEO, Emma Isaacs. AKA, fellow inspiring woman. 

They’ll be heading to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and your ticket will include lunch, a pretty gift bag, conversations with hundreds of other like-minded women and Kate’s new book, Pretty Fun. Head here to book. 

The Details

What: Business Chicks Lunch With Kate Hudson When: Tuesday 20 February (Sydney), Wednesday 21 February (Melbourne) & Thursday 22 February (Brisbane), 12.15pm – 2.30pm Cost: $239 for premium members, $269 for non-members

Meanwhile, Tim Tam margaritas now exist. 

Image credit: How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Viet | Kensington Street

Viet | Kensington Street

Kensington Street

Vietnamese Eatery / Restaurant Eastside

Good Food

by admin @ Hello Auntie

Good Food, Sydney Morning Herald – Kensington Street Social

by Kensington Street @ Kensington Street

Kensington Street Social Good Food, Sydney Morning Herald, by Terry Durack, 2 February 2016 It's great that we're maturing as a food destination; great that the numbers crunch well enough to make the distance and effort worth their while. And yet ... is the imported product actually better? And how much does it skew the [...]

The Best Date Ideas In Sydney For Under $50

The Best Date Ideas In Sydney For Under $50

by Sophia Richardson @ The A List | The Urban List

We won’t lie—a five-course meal complete with roses, vino and chocolate dipped strawberries sounds damn delightful, but let’s be real, we’re all living that budget baller life.

If you’re wanting your tinder date to fall head over heels in love with you, then stick with us kids because the following date ideas will not only have them wishing the swiped right long ago, but will also cost you peanuts. You’re sooooo welcome.  

Here are the best budget date ideas in Sydney.

Unleash your mini golf skills (slightly drunk, we might add) at Newtown’s Holey Moley. With espresso martinis and pork belly bao, you’re pretty much set for a tipsy, delicious date night.  Impress your date with harbour views, cobbled laneways and food stalls that won’t disappoint at The Rocks Foodie Friday Market. You know what they say, heart + stomach = a solid date night option. Check out Highfield Caringbah, the newbies in Sydney’s pub scene. With rooftop terraces, cocktail bars and a living garden, these guys sure know how to have a damn good time.  Tell your date to dress comfy, elastic pants preferred, and bounce off the walls at Sky Zone.  Give theatre a go this date night at the Griffin Theatre company in Kings Cross, where you can score tickets from less than $50 to comedies, dramas and everything in between. (Your date will think you’re cultured AF, #welcome).  If you and your potential soulmate both love fluffy, adorable fur balls head to Catmosphere Cat Café.  This summer is the perfect op to flaunt that bikini bod of yours at Wylie’s Baths in Coogee. A date with ocean views, sunshine and swimming would totally win our hearts, TBH.   Luna Park has been around for yonks and what’s the bet you haven’t been since you were a wee kiddo. With tickets at $48, you and your date can share a romantic lil’ kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel overlooking Sydney harbour—cute or cute, amirite?  It’s oh-so-important to find out if you and your date share the same kind of humour, so heading to the Comedy Lounge will sort that right out.  The concept of Boomerang Bikes is bloody genius and we’re cheering at the hundreds of bikes popping up all over Sydney. Grab your date and get peddling through Sydney’s gorgeous shores, parks and picnic spots—oh and don’t be that person who dumps them in gutters or lakes when you’re done (like c’mon guys, really?).  If your date is a tad on the sporty side, and you’re more into binge eating and Netflix, now’s your chance to lie and impress them with your kayaking skills at Manly Kayak Centre. For just $45 an hour you can hit the harbour and go on your own adventure.  Whip out the big guns (you’re potentially hanging with your soulmate IRL remember?), and head down to Rollerfit. Part fitness, part dance and one hell of a par-tay, this one is fun (tick), cheap (double tick) and bound to bring the LOLs #sold.  It’s undeniable that scenic views = romantic AF, so we reckon taking your date to Sydney Tower Eye is a winning date idea.  The picturesque Bare Island Fort in La Perouse isn’t your typical date spot—meaning your date is going to think you’re original, creative and in touch with nature (aw yeah). Pack some brie, crackers and vino and you’re in for a good time.  Located in Surry Hills (brunch capital of Syd), grab your date a coffee and croissant and head on down to the Prince Alfred Park Pool to soak up some rays.   The Standard Bowl is ten pin bowling done right (forget the kiddies parties). With a boozy bar, pool and pinball machines, you and your date are promised a chilled-out date with live bands, hot tip: check their gig guide before you go.  Penguins are adorable and if you’re wanting to impress your date with just how cute you can be, heading on down to SEA LIFE Sydney is your best option. Online tickets will only set you back $33.60, meaning you can buy your date a soft plush penguin toy at the gift shop (game, set and match)—their heart has officially been won.  Madame Tussauds should be on everyone’s Sydney to-do list, it isn’t every day you get to visit a spooky yet freaking awesome wax figure museum. The best part is, if your date gets boring, you can always go hang out with Ryan Gosling or Michael Jackson—winning.  Literally everyone loves animals. Take your date on a casual yet cute outing to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo right in Darling Harbour. For just $50, you can score tickets to see WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo and any of its neighbouring attractions like Sydney Tower Eye, Madame Tussauds Sydney or SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.  Lunch dates are always a winner in our books, especially when Long Chim is offering a feed me menu at $45 per person. If your date (like us) is a foodie, a lunch date at Long Chim will totally impress.  Dancing on a first date is always a risky and frightening concept, but fear no more, No Lights No Lycra is a totally dark, totally daggy yet cool dance party for all dancers (novices, pros and even the dance intolerant).  Carriageworks Farmers Market is the perfect daytime activity that isn’t too fancy or formal for your date. For an ideal meetup with a cutie, stroll through the fresh produce, taste all of the samples and sip on some top quality coffee—easy, cheap and bound to be a cracker of a date.

Looking for more cheap things to do in Sydney? Read this.

Image credit: 500 Days of Summer

Christmas Greetings from I Love Pho

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

As one of the popular Vietnamese restaurant in Sydney that serve authentic Vietnamese cuisine, our goal is to bring the best Vietnamese food experiences to our customers. We are committed to proving you with an exceptional Vietnamese food that is fresh, healthy, authentic and GLUTEN FREE. 2016 has been a fantastic year and we look...

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18 Places To Get Incredible Vietnamese Food In Sydney

18 Places To Get Incredible Vietnamese Food In Sydney


Because it does exist - you just need to know where to look.

Things To Do This Long Weekend That Involve An Epic View

Things To Do This Long Weekend That Involve An Epic View

by Phoebe McRae @ The A List | The Urban List

The first long weekend of the year has finally arrived, and if you’re anything like us, you won’t have organised a thing. Luckily for you, we’ve teamed up with the legends at The Star Sydney to work out what the hell you can do this weekend that involves an epic view. Because who doesn’t love a view?! Let the Instas begin…

#1 Drink Your Weight In Frosé

One of our absolute fave rooftop bars has reopened with giant Jenga and frosé just in time for summer. We’re talking about Sky Terrace at The Star, of course. Every Friday (hint: this Australia Day!) from 5pm to 7pm, you can wrap your lips around Frosé Rose cocktails while overlooking the oh-so-famous Sydney skyline, for only $10 a pop. There’ll be Jenga, croquet, dominoes and Connect Four so you don’t get bored, and a classic Aussie BBQ for when you get hungry.

#2 Book A Staycay & Never Leave

If you are completely disorganised, now is your chance to book a staycay at one of the best hotels in town, and not leave it for the whole weekend. Why would you when The Darling in Pyrmont has a rooftop pool and stunning views from almost every room. Bring on the bathrobes and room service!

#3 Eat Every Australian Food Ever Created

We’re talking pies, lamb shanks, barramundi, lamingtons, pavlova (we’re claiming it!) and every other delicious Australian thing you can think of. It’s called The Great Australian Bite and it’s happening at Harvest Buffet. Eat one of everything and slip into the biggest food coma of your entire life. The view’s the food, people.

#4 Strut Your Stuff Around Sydney

TBH, the easiest way to spend your long weekend (and enjoy it) is to just stay in Sydney. Take on some of Sydney’s best coastal walks, go to that secret beach that’s been on your bucket list for at least three years, or go chasing waterfalls. But let’s get one thing straight—by strut, we obviously mean walk at a leisurely pace, potentially with a coffee or ice cold smoothie (because #health) in hand.

#5 Frock (Or Suit Up) For No Damn Reason

Sometimes you just need to dress up like royalty for no real reason and treat yo’self to anything and everything you’ve ever wanted. In Sydney, the best way to do this is book yourself a seat at one of the fanciest restaurants in Sydney (hint: Black Bar & Grill or Balla) and Instagram the night away. Front row harbour view = mandatory. Word on the street is that Balla is dishing up a special seafood pie and Black Bar & Grill are selling some of the best steaks in the state. Just sayin’…

#6 Catch Tim Omaji IRL

Soooo, this might not be your traditional ‘epic view’, but you’ll be looking at Tim Omaji (AKA TIMOMATIC!!) live on stage at Rock Lily. Yes, really. Your old mate from So You Think You Can Dance is coming to town for one night only (aka 26 January) and FYI tickets are FREE. You'll be too busy cutting a rug to even realise there's no view. Plus, you'll have allllll of Sunday to recover.

Editor's Note: This article was produced in partnership with The Star Sydney. To find out more about who we work with (and why!), read our editorial policy here

Image credit: The Star Sydney

TOP10: Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Sydney

TOP10: Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Sydney

Best Restaurants of Australia

There’s no need to mess with the classics when they’re done well and that’s the best thing about Local Burger Co. There’s no false advertising when you order an Old School Cheese Burger or a Classic Beef Burger. Grab your burger, you sweet potato fries, maybe a salted caramel shake, and picnic like you did as a kid, in the park across the road.

La Sen Vietnamese Restaurant | Randwick

La Sen Vietnamese Restaurant | Randwick

La Sen Vietnamese Restaurant | Randwick

Satisfying your craving of authentic, fresh, delicious & healthy Vietnamese cuisine in Eastern Suburbs. Best selling Hanoi Pho and homemade springrolls.

There’s An Anti Valentine’s Day Party Happening In Sydney

There’s An Anti Valentine’s Day Party Happening In Sydney

by Phoebe McRae @ The A List | The Urban List

Find yourself in a bit of a love to hate relationship with romance? We hear you, and this International Singles Awareness Day we’ve got some bloody great news for you.

For one night only (aka Valentine’s Day night) the Australian Museum is hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day party so you can shake off any break-up, ignore any heartache and forget any unanswered text. 

Bring your mates along for an unconventional night at the museum—there’ll be live performances of love songs gone right (and oh-so-god-damn-wrong), speed dating sessions, Voodoo doll workshops, couples’ game shows and (we’re sorry in advance) a live dissection of a pig’s heart. We knowwwww, you can really go as extreme as you want with this one. Or not. 

Grab your crew or come on your lonesome and bond with your people. Details here


What: Culture Up Late  When: Wednesday 14 February, 5pm – 9pm Where: Australian Museum, 1 William Street, Sydney Cost: $20 for adults, $18 for concession and $16 for AM members.

Rather drink your hate away on a rooftop? Check this out.

Image credit: Kiss 92.5

delicious. Magazine – Olio, A Marvellous Mouthful

by Kensington Street @ Kensington Street

Olio, Chippendale, Sydney – A Marvellous Mouthful delicious. Magazine by Anthony Huckstep, National Restaurant Reviewer, 28 February 2017 A Sicilian chef touches down in Sydney, bringing with him a penchant for seafood, saffron and couscous, and his family’s own olive oil, writes Anthony Huckstep. Sea urchin roe is my weakness. Polarising for some, this spiny [...]

Vietnamese Street Foods

Vietnamese Street Foods

Vietnamese Street Foods

Authentic vietnamese foods with balanced healthy cuisine

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