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We would love to hear what you think of MeMe Vietnamese restaurant

Sydney Summer 2017 – Special Menu

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

Enjoy an Authentic Vietnamese Fresh & Tasty & Healthy Cuisine.  

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Take Away Menu - Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant - Crows Nest

Take Away Menu - Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant - Crows Nest

I Love Pho

It’s our pleasure at I Love Pho to bring you honest and authentic Vietnamese cuisines. Our inspiration is to serve authentic dishes that are healthy and tasty to the palette.

Aussie Christmas vs Vietnamese Christmas..are they similar?

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

Have you always had Turkey, Ham and Buche de Noel for Christmas? This festive season, be brave to refresh your taste with our Vietnamese Christmas menu. It has all the Christmas menu’s components of: Quail & Chicken instead of Turkey, Crispy pork instead of Ham, and fresh Prawn salad with Green papaya to replace the fresh...

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2. Vietnamese Vegetarian Fried Spring Rolls (4)

by ADMIN_PHO68 @ Saigon68

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Kitchen Hand needed for a Vietnamese takeaway at Sydney CBD | Kitchen & Sandwich Hand | Gumtree Australia Inner Sydney - Sydney City | 1152297230

Kitchen Hand needed for a Vietnamese takeaway at Sydney CBD | Kitchen & Sandwich Hand | Gumtree Australia Inner Sydney - Sydney City | 1152297230


This AD is reposted on 05January2018 and still active, yes the job is still available, we are posting it againKitchen Hand who is excellent and quick at ..., 1152297230

Auckland’s Best Meatballs

Auckland’s Best Meatballs

by Nina Franklin @ The A List | The Urban List

Great balls of fire! Move over other meaty treats and make way for the humble meatball! There’s nothing fancy about em’ really, but the one thing they’ve got going for them is that their flavour packs a punch and, well, everyone loves a good meatball. It’s a fact of life.

And here in Auckland, the meatball has been revolutionised—forget about the kind your mum used to make and slap alongside three veg (although they were indeed also very delicious!) because they’re popping up all around town in all their mouth-watering glory. 

Here’s your go-to list of Auckland’s best meatballs.

Buon Appetito!


North Wharf

When it comes to meatballs, fine-dining restaurant Bazuzzi is a must-visit. Their Polpette (meatballs) have their very own menu, where you can find gourmet options, such as the Fiordland crayfish meatballs with pancetta, chickpeas and pecorino. Then there’s the wild dear meatballs with parsnip crema and Portobello mushroom and the braised lamb meatballs with wild thyme, lemon and spiced gravy. Yesssssss please.

Bedford Soda And Liquor


You’ll find the Mike Tyson of meatballs at Bedford Soda and Liquor. They too have a whole menu dedicated to the tasty little spheres! Yup—that’s right, their “Bedford balls” are somethin’ pretty spesh. With beef, pork, lamb, chicken and vegetarian options, accompanied with a whole menu dedicated to sauce options for slathering all over said balls, they’re finger licking good!

Coco’s Cantina

K’ Road

Bustling K’ Road hotspot Coco’s Cantina has a pretty delizioso menu, featuring Italian fare to make any tummy flip with excitement! Check out their super saucy spaghetti and meatballs dish, which just so happens to be free range and to make your tastebuds even happier, select a glass—or bottle—of vino rosso (red wine) from their epic wine list and you’ve got yourself a primo meal.


Food Truck

Jay and Claudine Avante are absolute food gods—Why? Because they’ve created a food truck dedicated to hot, mouth-watering, ooey gooey…. CHEESE! Shifting on the reg, you might want to check out the Melt food truck Facebook page for their latest location. But when you do track these guys down, you’ll want to wrap your mouth around their Racelette meatball sub, with spiced meatballs slathered in Manuka-smoked cheese—it’s the bomb dot com!



For a truly authentic Italian experience, you just must pop along to Ponsonby fave— Farina. With exceptional dishes including, pasta and risotto, pizza and of course their tasty polpette meatballs with pine nuts, sultana, Napoli sauce and toasted bread. Finish your meal with an Italian desert and a Negroni and you’ll be in seventh heaven…. Just don’t forget to wear your stretchy pants!

Federal Delicatessen

Federal Street

The lamb and veal meatballs at The Fed will blow your mind. With truffle cauliflower cheese and porcini crumbs, you’ll want to savour every single bite of these tasty little morsels. You can even choose to take these beauties away if you prefer to eat your meatballs…privately. Meatballs for breakfast, lunch and dinner—why not!?

Gusto At The Grand


Gusto’s Italian fine dining menu is made for sharing, but you might want to keep their pork and veal meatballs all to yourself! They’re slathered in tomato sauce and sprinkled with pecorino cheese, so we can guarantee they’ll leave you feeling all kinds of excited. Wash them down with a cocktail or three and find the true meaning of life. 

Gina’s Italian Kitchen

Symonds Street

For an authentic Italian experience to remember, head along to Gina’s Italian Kitchen. Hustling, bustling and full of life, this restaurant is a top pick for big groups of people. Gina’s polpette di Carne dish is something to rave about. Featuring home-made beef and pork meatballs with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese, they are mouth-wateringly delicious and some of the best meatballs in Auckland.

Di Vinci’s

City Road & Albert Street

Last but certainly not least is Di Vinci’s—which has two locations to choose from. Both serve up a whopper of a spaghetti and meatballs dish featuring slightly spiced homemade meatballs, seasoned with herbs aaaand they also do takeaway—perfecto for stocking up on their sought after spagbol dish to take you right through the week!

Image Credit: Jaiden Bhaga

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Where To Watch The Auckland Harbour Bridge Get Lit

Where To Watch The Auckland Harbour Bridge Get Lit

by Bella Askelund @ The A List | The Urban List

If there’s one thing us Kiwis know how to do, it’s getting lit AF. A cold brew with a side of fries has a funny way of leading to ten plus cold brews and not enough fries…it’s one of our talents in life and we wear it loud and proud. This weekend however, we’re entitled to double the fun! That’s right, the Auckland Harbour Bridge is embarking on its Vector Lights extraordinaire, meaning our little big city is about to get completely and utterly LIT.

The six-minute light show will kick off at 9.10pm this Saturday followed by a second show at 9.30pm. The rainbow magic will then repeat every half hour until midnight. But its more than pretty lights—both shows will be synced with sound composed by Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper. Tune in on Coast 105.4 FM for the first two shows or check out the audio stream online.

Naturally, we’ve done what we do best (well second best—after eating and drinking, of course) and made a list! Here are the best hot spots to hit up over the weekend and watch the Harbour Bridge light up in its full glory.

Sentinel Beach

Herne Bay

Sentinel Beach is a Central City goers' not-so-secret wanderlust spot. Walking down the rustic old stairs from the road to the beach is a breath of fresh air in itself. Never too crowded, this spot carries the most picturesque view of the Harbour Bridge—you’re so close you can even spy on the bungee jumpers! In order to do Sentinel Beach justice, a takeaway order from Fish Smith is mandatory practice nowadays. Set up fort with your fish tacos, kumara fries and a few bottles of cold cider and you have every ingredient to watch Auckland get lit at ease. #Winning.

Mt Victoria


We don’t know why, but every thing's better from up top. Devonport’s Mt Vic is no exception, making it a fab location to spy on the Harbour Bridge. Drive—or walk if you’re the essence of health—up the mountain and find yourself a snug spot to lookout across the water. What’s even better, you can end the night by catching a ferry into the CBD and scoring a sweet view from the water too! You’ll find yourself in one of those moments of gratitude for sure, wondering how the universe is so wonderful...yeah you know the ones.

Little Shoal Bay


Keen to venture out of the City to catch the lights but don’t wanna head too far? Little Shoal Bay is your saviour. With an epic view of Auckland’s Harbour Bridge and waterfront—there’s arguably no better place to be this weekend. With grass for days, a cosy picnic is definitely on the cards. Pop on your fancy pants and celebrate the anniversary weekend with an abundance of cheese, crackers and a few bottles (yes bottles) of great vino. Your other half will be blown away.

Harbour View Beach Reserve

Te Atatū Peninsula

We’ve heard ‘em say that West is Best—so if the saying runs true, why go anywhere else? Harbour View Beach Reserve offers a great but distant view of Auckland City. Watch our iconic landmark get lit AF from afar as you chill out and spin some yarns with your pals. You’ll feel apart of the celebrations without feeling claustrophobic from the hustle and bustle in town—perfect for the slightly more mature bunch. Or if you want to take things up a notch and climb down the maturity scale, head here with a box of beersies and let the Sat night antics begin!

Bayswater Marina


One of Auckland’s newest marinas, Bayswater boasts beaut views of the bridge, city and Waitemata Harbour. A picturesque spot all year round, we’re thinking every Tom, Dick and Sally will be nestled here to catch the Harbour Bridge do its thang over the weekend. If you’re one of those lucky ones that actually have a boat parked here, make the most of it! We’re thinking we’ll anchor up right in front of the action, naturally.

Auckland Waterfront

Auckland CBD

One word—restaurants. If you want to celebrate Auckland’s Anniversary Weekend in style, the waterfront is where you shall head. With endless restaurants and bars to choose from, find yourself a seaside table to sit back and appreciate the display. If you’re feeling extra, why not book a table at Ostro and have yourself an infamous seafood platter. While you’re there, it’d be rude not to order the caramelised pineapple apple crumble…‘nuff said.

Queens Parade


Here’s one for all you Devonport locals—take an evening stroll down Queens Parade with a hot choc in hand and the Harbour Bridge as your backdrop. AKA, the perfect frickin’ evening. It’s mellow vibes all round in Devo so this is the spot to be if you’re hoping to have a laid back long weekend. You’ll also probably find every man and his dog with the same idea as you but hey, it’s all part of the atmosphere. Right?

Bastion Point


Another prime location to spy on the Harbour Bridge, Bastion Point is a sacred land that offers some of the best views in town. A cheeky dinner in Mission Bay wouldn’t be complete without a scenic tour up Bastion Point afterwards—especially if romance is on the cards. Head here over Anniversary Weekend to soak up the city’s beauty and bask in it’s glory. Auckland Anniversary Weekend = conquered.

Image Credit: Vector

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This Epic New Restaurant Is Set To Turn Up The Heat!

This Epic New Restaurant Is Set To Turn Up The Heat!

by Jaiden Bhaga @ The A List | The Urban List

From a worldwide Auckland icon to some of the best hotspots in town, it’s hard to imagine SKYCITY  getting any better. Well, folks, they’ve done it again– say hello to your new fave, Spice Alley.

Opening its door this Saturday, make your way to the third level of SKYCITY and follow the sweet aroma for an adventure of flavours. Brought to us by head chef Panthep ‘Pan’ Sae, Spice Alley features a hip fit out, with touches of Pan’s Thai and Chinese heritage throughout. Following an extensive 25 year career as a chef, Pan could not be more thrilled with the result. 

“I said to myself that one day I’d make my own food, doing it my way,” Says Pan. “I’m excited to share a new way of eating with guests.” 

Putting many years of experiences to good use, Pan and the team have expertly crafted pan-Asian lunch and dinner menus that will take diners taste buds travelling through flavours across the entirety of Asia.

With each dish of epic proportions, the menu has been designed to share including a selection of small plates, salads, soups, bigger things and sweet treats.

To start things off, look no further than the enticing Vietnamese rice paper rolls. Bundling up crisp vegetables, rice noodle, coriander and mint all served alongside tangy nuoc cham dipping sauce. 

Now, as you know here at The Urban List, we’re a sucker for pork belly anything. So, you can imagine our delight when faced with the yum mong kup salad - a dish that’s sure to have the whole town talking. The staff favourite is an addictive combination of roast pork belly, fresh green apple, red onion, capsicum, chilli and fish sauce which will easily have you going back for seconds. And with mammoth-sized servings, there’s plenty to share—or not!

A dish of determination, the Singapore noodles are not one to miss. During his extensive travels, Pan came across the dish in Singapore and instantly fell in love. Re-visiting the restaurant ten days in a row, Pan analysed what went into making the dish through the vendor's open kitchen. Having added his own personal flair to the recipe himself, there’s no doubt Pan’s hard work has paid off. With shrimp, BBQ pork, wok fried rice, noodles laden with curry, noodles with capsicum and Chinese white rice this bad boy is one for the foodie bucket list. 

Every bit as epic as they sound, the dragon wings are sure to be a foodie favourite. From a recipe of Pan’s mother, the masterpiece features crisp salmon engulfed in a hot and sour sauce, with flavours of Thailand throughout. 

Of course, what’s a meal without a cheeky bevvy or two? The ‘signature cocktail’ is everything liquid happiness should be, laden with absolut elyx vodka, peach and vanilla syrup and presented in an elaborate metallic pineapple, it’s one for the gram!

Mark it on your cals! With just two more days till we can make our way down Spice Alley, you have plenty of time to round up the squad and head to the hottest new spot in town.

We’ll see you there!

For more about Spice Alley, including opening hours, click here. 

Image Credit: Jaiden Bhaga

London Cheap Eats | Recommended Vietnamese | Banh Mi Bay

London Cheap Eats | Recommended Vietnamese | Banh Mi Bay

London Cheap Eats | Recommended Vietnamese | Banh Mi Bay

Highly popular, Banh Mi Bay is a family run, mini-chain of Vietnamese restaurants serving some of the best authentic Vietnamese food in Central London

SabaToGo | Thai & Vietnamese Takeaway and Winestore in Rathmines

SabaToGo | Thai & Vietnamese Takeaway and Winestore in Rathmines


We believe everyone should eat great food every day, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

8 Unforgettable New Zealand Road Trips To Take In 2018

8 Unforgettable New Zealand Road Trips To Take In 2018

by Sarah Downs @ The A List | The Urban List

If it's about the journey, not the destination, then a 2018 road trip is probs a good idea. Lucky for us, our stunning country is what classic road trips are made of.

From golden-sand peninsulas and snow-capped mountains to lush native forests, the open road in Aotearoa is the place you want to be. So grab your friends and snacks, buckle up and hit the road! 

Nelson to Queenstown 

Start in sun-drenched Nelson and make your way along the rugged West Coast. First stop is Punakaiki to explore the famous Pancake Rocks. This limestone labyrinth is made up of hundreds of slices of stone that really do look like pancakes. At high tide, the seawater geysers put on their very own water show. Then it’s on to the glaciers of Franz Josef, with pit stops in Greymouth and Hokitika on the way. Be sure to embark on the West Coast Treetop Walk over the Hokitika Gorge, 20-metres above the forest floor. Once you’re in the lakeside town of Wanaka, there’s no shortage of activities. Think hiking, skydiving and of snowplowing down a mountain in your final destination of Queenstown. 

Auckland to Cape Reinga

First, make your way to the seaside town of Paihia—it’s known as the gateway to The Bay of Islands. It’s made up of 144 islands, all complete with green countryside and sparkling blue waters. At Paihia, explore the historic Waitangi Treaty grounds, take a sailing tour and swim with the dolphins.  Make sure you stop for a meal at Charlotte’s Kitchen. From there, take the ferry to the historic island town of Russell, and then onto 90 Mile Beach and Cape Reinga, the very tip top of New Zealand! Take a walk to the iconic lighthouse and gaze over the Pacific Ocean. There are also ancient kauri forests to explore, waterfalls and natural rock pools for hopping. For more inspo, here’s our guide of 30 things to do up north this summer

Rotorua to Waitomo to Taupo 

Head west from Rotorua. Your first stop is New Zealand’s surf capital, the rugged beauty of Raglan! After carving those waves, travel a few hours south to Waitomo, home to the famous underground limestone caves which are illuminated with thousands of tiny glowworms. You can tube, abseil or take a boat ride and drift underground. Then, carry onto to Taupo—the home of Aotearoa’s largest lake. Hike the Tongariro Crossing (allow a day) and then check out Hidden Valley to see hot springs, mud pools and caves. On the way back, see the Huka Falls. This waterfall is pretty special, mostly due to the 220,000 litres of water that gush every second. 

Queenstown to Milford Sound

Picture Milford Sound and mostly you imagine deep inky waters, high mountain peaks and cascading waterfalls. But one of the best things about the trip to Milford is the drive. The route from Queenstown to Milford is as much a scenic experience as the fiord itself—it's been called one of the best road trips on the planet! Past mirror lakes framed by the rugged façade of the magnificent mountain range, aptly named The Remarkables. The drive can be done in a single day, but it’s best to split it up and stay in Te Anau, the perfect stopover. The cute town’s main attraction is Fiordland National Park, so schedule in time for a hike. It's really a bonus that you end your journey at the 8th wonder of the world. 

Queenstown to Dunedin via the Caitlins

This epic roadie is more commonly known as the ‘Southern Scenic Route’. Head south from Queenstown to the ‘real New Zealand’, a.k.a Invercargill, and from there make your way to the stunning Caitlins. You really could spend several days here exploring the native forest, high cliffs and golden beaches. Make sure to stop at Nugget Point to spot fur seals, sea lions and penguins and also see the Purakaunui Falls. This three-tiered cascading waterfall is one of Otago’s most loved treasures. Then, on your way to Dunedin, Tunnel Beach is a must visit. Descend the track to a magnificent outlook of rugged sandstone cliffs, arches and a man-made tunnel to the isolated sandy beach. 

Whakatane to Gisborne

Escape to East Cape for a rugged scenic drive, with plenty of Maori history to take in along the way. Interesting fact: this region is where the first Maori settlers arrived. Along the Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll pass through remote country, empty coves and bays galore, plus many Marae, with beautifully carved gateways. See the St Mary’s Church in Tikiti and meet the laid-back locals. Once you hit the surfing mecca of Gisborne, make sure to spend the night and catch the morning sunrise on the beach. It's the first place in the world to see it!  

Auckland to the Coromandel Peninsula 

It wouldn't be a complete list without ticking off the incredible Coromandel. The North Island peninsula boasts some of the best beaches in the country, along with bluffs, lookouts and lush native bush. Head straight for Hahei to visit Cathedral Cove, where you'll find it’s ‘gram-worthy naturally-formed archway and golden bays. Also visit nearby Hot Water Beach to soak in its geothermically heated water. Then drive on the northeast coast of the Coromandel, where you'll find the untouched paradise that is New Chums. It's been voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world. 

Waiheke Island 

If all the active adventuring sounds too much, this foodie road trip on Waiheke is for you—and you only have to drive to the ferry terminal! Be sure to summon those island vibes immediately with a gelato from Island Gelato’s newly-opened ferry terminal store. Then enjoy a cheeky Peroni on the ferry while soaking in the views of Rangitoto Island. Once on Waiheke, wander the local market on Ostend Road for locally-made delicacies. There’s a jaffle truck, crepes and Hungarian fried bread on site, so make sure to pack an appetite. Spend the day at Onetangi Beach splashing your way through its tranquil shallow waters and stroll along the fine-grained sand. Have takeaway pizzas on the beach or, for glam dining, Oyster Inn Restaurant, located in the heart of Oneroa Village. Start with mandatory fresh Te Matuku oysters and local tipples for the ultimate Waiheke experience.

Image credit: Sara Orme

4. Vietnamese Salad

by ADMIN_PHO68 @ Saigon68

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The health benefits of Vietnamese food

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

Australia has exploded lately in a health and gourmet food craze. Fuelled by Tv shows like Masterchef, MKR and The Biggest Loser. Aussies are now learning to eat healthier foods and enjoy them.What most don’t know however is that there is already a succulent and healthy option for lunch and dinner in restaurants all over...

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Psst! Auckland Has New Glamping Spots!

Psst! Auckland Has New Glamping Spots!

by Marilynn McLachlan @ The A List | The Urban List

Camping, shmamping, we’re alllll about the glamping! And, we know that you all love glamping as much as we do, so we’d thought you’d be pretty excited to hear news that there are now even more glamping spots in Auckland.

Thanks to the Auckland Council, furnished bell tents are now available in Orewa, Martins Bay and Wenderholm.

“It’s great because it takes away the pressure of having to purchase and transport all the equipment needed to go camping,” says Councillor Penny Hulse. “You essentially just need to bring your food and clothing. It’s Ideal for first-time campers and people wanting to enjoy some of Auckland’s most beautiful locations.”

Rest assured that these glamping sites have been carefully selected so that not only will you have a queen-sized bed with linen, a table, chairs and a nearby toilet facility, but stunning views as well!

So, whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a not so romantic getaway (the tents can cater for up to four people) or just want that party tent for the hen’s party you’re planning, it’s time to take away the stress and relax in style!

The Deets:

What: New glamping options in Auckland


·   Two glamping tents available for bookings at Ōrewa Beach Top 10 Holiday Park on 0800 673 921 or 

·   Two glamping tents available for bookings at Wenderholm Regional Park on 09 366 2000 option 1

·   One glamping tent available at Martins Bay Holiday Park, for bookings contact 0800 624 7275 or

When: Available until the end of April.

Looking for more options? Here's Glamping Getaways In And Around Auckland

Image credit: Auckland Council

1. Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls (4)

by ADMIN_PHO68 @ Saigon68

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Indian or Vietnamese Takeaway Busy Auckland CBD -

Indian or Vietnamese Takeaway Busy Auckland CBD -

Trade Me

Takeaway located in heart of Auckland CBD food court,enjoys ample foot traffic.



Banh Banh Vietnamese

Thanks for dropping by.

How to Find an Authentic Pho in Sydney

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

Today, you don’t have to pack your bags and travel all the way to Viet Nam just to satisfy your craving for pho. Vietnamese restaurants serving this mouth-watering dish can be found in different corners of the world, Australia included. However, over the last few years, restaurants have created their own versions of Pho. As...

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Christmas Greetings from I Love Pho

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

As one of the popular Vietnamese restaurant in Sydney that serve authentic Vietnamese cuisine, our goal is to bring the best Vietnamese food experiences to our customers. We are committed to proving you with an exceptional Vietnamese food that is fresh, healthy, authentic and GLUTEN FREE. 2016 has been a fantastic year and we look...

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Welcome | Vietnamese Restaurant N4

Welcome | Vietnamese Restaurant N4

Q and T Vietnamese Kitchen

Q&T Vietnamese Kitchen is a cosy and welcoming Vietnamese Restaurant situated on Stroud Green Road in the heart of Finsbury Park, London N4 in North London.

Vietnamese restaurant  London | Viet Eat

Vietnamese restaurant  London | Viet Eat

Viet Eat

Viet Eat Vietnamese restaurant in London offers fresh, authentic and healthy Vietnamese food in a friendly casual setting, offering eat-in and takeaway

T&J's Vietnamese Takeaway & Noodle Box | Carlow

T&J's Vietnamese Takeaway & Noodle Box | Carlow

Order takeaway online from T&Js Vietnamese Cuisine & Noodle Box in Carlow, Co. Carlow ★★★★★ Order Vietnamese ✔ Fast delivery ✔ Pay with creditcard or cash ✔ Earn bonus

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